Friday, January 20, 2017

Camellias Are Blooming Here In The South

Hello and thanks for stopping by for a visit.  Has it been unusually warm where you are too?  It has been extremely warm here for January.  Usually we don't see 70 degrees for the whole month, but for the last two weeks or so it has been well past 70 degrees every day and only in the mid 50's at night.

We did have a frost for a couple of days about two weeks ago.  I was afraid that frost would nip the Camellia buds on the trees in our yard.

I needed a centerpiece for our upcoming Garden Club brunch and was crossing my fingers the Camellias would not have frostbite and be brown on all of the edges.

I was able to find some flowers without the frost bitten edges.

It is fairly late in the blooming season, but I was able to find some 
pretty ones still blooming and enough to make an arrangement to take for the brunch.

Of course I had to get my camera and try to get a photo of these beautiful and colorful flowers.

Souther Living Magazine tells us that Camellias love the Southern 
climate and the Camellia Japonica is Alabama's state flower.

There are some cold-hardy varieties that can be grown in the north, 
but for the most part they do better in the South.

My husband planted these Camellia bushes in different areas in the yard 
many years ago and the plants are very hardy.

It is nice to see some flowers blooming and they are a reminder of the Springtime 
that will be here before we know it.

Happy January wherever you may be! 

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