Friday, February 10, 2017

Early Spring Blossoms

Hello Everyone!  I hope you have been enjoying these early weeks of this new year.  

Here in North Florida we have experienced an extremely mild winter.  As a result of the warm temperatures for most of Winter, our Springtime flowers have begun to bloom earlier than usual.

Walking outside and seeing all the flowers blooming,  I thought it would be nice to make a pretty flower arrangement to brighten the kitchen.  

I need to make another arrangement for the kitchen table as well.

As you probably already know this is a bouquet of different color azaleas and camellias.

Wish I could share with you the name of this pretty pink edged camellia.  
My husband planted this bush many years ago and he too does not remember the name.

I always like to take flowers out on the front porch to get a daylight photo of all of the beautiful colors.  The natural lighting makes them look especially bright and colorful.

I think the white camellia looks so pretty surrounded by the stunning colors of the azaleas.

One good thing about these lovely Southern flowers is that they bloom and bloom, 
making it possible to have many happy and colorful bouquets during the blooming season.

With Springtime beginning, I am looking forward to going out and about trying to capture some of the amazing beauty all around us with my camera.  

Wishing you a very nice weekend and lots of beautiful days wherever you may be.


  1. Your flowers are gorgeous and your kitchen is so pretty. Thank you for visiting me...and hope you come back soon. Always glad to meet another Kentuckian. :-) Sheila

    1. Thank you for the nice words about the flowers and the kitchen. Yes, I will come back to visit real soon to My Kentucky Living. Blessings, Pat

  2. Greetings from beautiful Charleston! I have the same bouquet, picked today! I am enjoying all your pretty pictures and I do love your kitchen!

    1. Hello to you there in amazingly beautiful Charleston. I know the Spring flowers must be stunning there right now. Am sure your bouquet is beautiful. Thanks for stopping by for a visit and for the sweet words about the kitchen. We remodeled a couple of years ago. There is a post:
      if you would like to see that remodel post. Happy Springtime!

  3. What a beautiful flower arrangement! Is the pink-edged camellia Dr. Tinsley? This is my first time commenting, but I have been reading your blog for a long time--and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy it. It's so lovely!

    1. Good Morning Leslie,
      Looking at Dr. Tinsley Camellias on the internet, yes, that pink rimmed azalea looks very much like the ones online...If it is not the same, it is very close. I'm so glad you have been stopping by the blog for a visit from time to time. It is so nice to know you stop by and I hope you come again. I hope it is a beautiful early Spring there where you are too.