Thursday, February 16, 2017

Camellia Presentation To The Garden Club

Hi Everyone!  What a pleasure it has been to share some of the lovely early blooming Spring flowers on recent posts.  

Yesterday our Daffodil Circle of the Tallahassee Garden Club was fortunate to be given a presentation by two local Camellia experts telling us all about Camellias.  It was a delightful and informative talk given by two people who are currently growing over 350 different plants in their home garden.

Our speakers were thoughtful enough to bring with 
them many amazingly beautiful Camellias from their garden.

It was a great pleasure for me to try to capture some of the 
amazing beauty of all these Camellias with my camera.  

They brought so many and different types of Camellias.

I do wish I had asked our speakers for the names of these Camellias.

We were told that Camellias originally came from China and at the time they were first introduced into this country they were extremely expensive.  Only the very wealthy could  afford to purchase them.

We were also told it was a good idea to fertilize once or twice a year with 10-10-10 fertilizer that included trace minerals.  He said that for a very large plant, no more than a cup of fertilizer spread all around under the bush was adequate.

They shared some leaves from these plants demonstrating some of the issues Camellias can experience.
They also shared different solutions to problems Camellias can develop.
The Camellias in our yard do develop some of the problems they discussed, but for the most part 
they seem to do fairly well without much care.  

They did talk about pruning ... They suggested not letting the plant get so tall that you could not cut the flowers.  They suggested keeping the plant pruned so that the branches did not became leggy and tall and to help produce better flowering.

They also suggested cutting any branches under the bush that may be touching the ground, 
in an effort to help prevent bugs from getting on the leaves.

Our speakers shared with us also that Camellias are very easy 
to propagate with cuttings and by air-layering

As you can see they had so many beautiful varieties of Camellias they brought to share with us.

         Thank you for coming along with us during the lovely Camellia presentation at the Garden Club.

Wishing you a happy weekend wherever you may be.

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