Thursday, February 7, 2013

Spring Fever

A couple of days ago my husband came back from running errands and he had an arm full of beautiful flowers he picked up from Fresh Market.  It was such a nice surprise to see these beautiful flowers. 

We will enjoy this beautiful bouquet for several days.

There is just nothing like a daffodil.  I can sure understand how William Wordsworth felt when he wrote his poem "Daffodils,"  especially the last two lines.....
~And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodil

  I love this pretty little bright happy arrangement.

We will enjoy all the pretty happy colors and then transplant them to the garden.

While I was taking pictures of these pretty flowers  it occurred to me I had not taken the time to test my new Christmas lens very much and now might be a good time.  It is a Canon 24-70 II  L-Series lens  and the reviews said it takes very sharp pictures.   From this point on the below photos were taken with the 24-70 lens.

 I was fairly pleased with how close I could get to this iris considering I still do not know how to use any setting except the auto setting.

I saw this sun catcher close to the window in the kitchen and thought it would be a good test for sharpness.  I am still working on how to focus the camera and it seemed fairly easy to focus in on this small object.

I turned around and snapped a photo of this cake plate in the kitchen.  The bow turned out sharp, but not the rest.....I have some work to do!

I love this color combination of the purple, pink and white with a touch of yellow.

My daughter recently showed me how to make a Valentine door wreath and I took some photos of the steps along the way, also using the 24-70 lens.  Have not had time to look at the photos yet, but if they turn out I will share with you how she made her adorable Valentine wreath.

Wishing you blessed days wherever you may be.

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  1. Looks like you've mastered your 24-70 lens, Pat ... your pictures are gorgeous! I'm still working at mastering the macro feature, but need a steadier hand, even with the IS!

    My favorite picture is the one of the Iris (5th from bottom) -- it's awesome!