Friday, February 15, 2013

Springtime Azaleas

We have lived in Tallahassee many years and I don't remember a year when the azaleas have bloomed this early.  Driving around town today I could not help but notice a breathtaking array of blooming azaleas every where.   

We will be leaving to go out of town for about a week and even though we are looking forward to the trip I really am disappointed the flowers are blooming so early and we will miss that.   Hopefully when we get back they will still be beautiful and I can still try to capture some of them around town with my camera.

I thought I would share some photos taken in the past of some of the azaleas blooming around our home.

The above and below photos are of the "Formosa" azalea.
Notice the pine pollen on the leaves.  The pollen is always very heavy in the early Spring.

 The below photo is of the "Pink Ruffle" azalea

 Do not know the name of this pretty purple azalea.

Below you will see the azaleas as we drive out of the driveway.  And this is what a lot of Tallahassee looked like around town today as I was going around delivering Valentines to the grandchildren and running errands.  The only difference with these photos, taken earlier, is that the trees have not turned this green yet.

Hopefully when we get back home the azaleas all around town will still be blooming, and I can capture some of their stunning beauty with my camera to share with you. 

Thank you for stopping by.  I hope the flowers are blooming for you to enjoy wherever you may be.


  1. Beautiful pictures, Pat. The azaleas are just starting to bloom here, too, but we have below freezing temperatures forecast for the weekend and I'm so afraid it's going to nip all the beautiful azaleas and daffodils blooms just starting to open.

    I hope you don't miss the azaleas in Tallahassee while you are gone.

  2. Hi Janie,

    Thank you for stopping by and for the sweet comments about the pictures....a true compliment coming from you.