Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Special Southern Magnolia Blossom

One of my very favorite things to do is pick up two of my elementary school grandsons and one middle school grandson on Wednesdays after school, and go for a Yogurt treat.  I love to just sit, enjoy the yogurt and their delightful company.  

On this last Wednesday before school is out for the summer,  we finished our Yogurt and I drove them home so they could relax after their busy day at school.  My youngest grandson, Lawson who is 8,  jumped out of the car and ran over to his mother's Magnolia tree, and began climbing up to pick the Magnolia flower bud he saw as we drove up.  He very excitedly came running back with the closed-up flower bud, and very lovingly gave it to me.  He was so excited to have something to give to me.

Southern Magnolia Blossom

Later at home, when I placed the bud in a vase with water,  I really did not think it would open. What a nice surprise when I went into the kitchen the next morning, and there was my beautiful Magnolia bud all opened into a beautiful flower.

The Southern Magnolia tree is such an amazingly beautiful tree when it is in bloom as it is during the months of May and June here in Tallahassee,  and probably all across the South.

I just had to capture this beautiful flower with my camera so I could have a reminder of such sweet thoughtfulness of a little 8 year old fella,  who is so dear to my heart!

Wishing you a most wonderful weekend wherever you may be.

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