Friday, June 7, 2013

Maclay Gardens Annual Tour of Gardens

Each Spring, here in Tallahassee, local residents open their home gardens for a fundraiser Tour of Gardens sponsored by The Friends of Maclay Gardens.  It begins with an early morning breakfast, silent auction, and plant sale at the beautiful Maclay Gardens,  here in Tallahassee.  From there tickets are purchased, maps to the gardens are given out, and off you go to see some beautiful private gardens in the Tallahassee area.

My husband and I love the great outdoors and very much like to see and be inspired by beautiful gardens.  So off we went on a beautiful Saturday morning to enjoy some of the gardens here in our home town.  Of course it is a great pleasure to me to try to capture some garden beauty with my camera.

There were about eight gardens on the tour and all of the photos were taken at different locations.

I love the way our community comes together to support worthwhile events.  
These sponsors are so special to help support the Maclay Gardens Tour of Gardens.

This is the first garden we visited.  I love the picket-fence with the matching bunnies on each post.

Below the pink roses you see on the picket fence is the pretty little Katrina Rose, also known as the Peggy Martin Rose.   There is a previous post highlighting this pretty little rose.  If you would like to see more details about this rose just click on the site below:  

There are so many beautiful flowers we saw on this tour, but unfortunately I do not know the name of many of these flowers as in the below photo.

I thought this was such a pretty mosaic art garden globe.

In the below photo is a little humor in the garden ... An unusual garden storage unit.

A Confederate Jasmine covered arbor.

This adorable little piece of garden art reminds me of that cute little character Jiminy Cricket from the Disney Movie Pinocchio.  He is the little character in the movie who sang the song about "always letting your conscience be your guide" ... A delightful children's movie.

Notice the pretty flowers painted on the swing posts.  Someone is really artistic!

A cute little Flamingo with mosaics.

A Hummingbird Flower

A pretty home and garden entrance.

Some very pretty Petunias.

Pretty entrance to a rose garden.

Some more very pretty Petunias.

I loved this pretty little purple cluster of flowers!

Here is a good idea ... Would love to have one of these wooden towers.  Can't you just see a pretty vine growing all over this interesting wood structure.  I think in this case they were using it for a tomato stake which is a good idea too.

What beautiful Zinnias!

Some pretty roses ....

What a  beautiful walkway.

A little bird-home in paradise.

There is just something so pretty and graceful about a Swan.

How pretty!


A beautiful patio plant.

And another!

This beautiful green plant reminded me of lots of green butterflies.

Don't we all love to get good ideas .... 
This chicken-wire covered bird feeder is a great way to keep those pesky raccoons 
out of the bird feeder.

Don't we all look this beautiful when we are working in our gardens! 

Bougainvillea Plant

A pretty fern path!

A pretty white Orchid.

Oak-Leaf Hydrangea.

A pretty white flower.

Home Sweet Home!

A colorful patio plant.

I love the beautiful simplicity of an Easter Lily.

This and a glass of lemonade would be wonderful!

An inviting walkway on the tour.

This beautiful flower basket would make such a nice gift for someone to enjoy!

An easy-care flower.

A pretty place to relax.

Well! That concludes our Maclay Gardens Tour of Gardens of some of the beautiful gardens in the Tallahassee area.  We had a fun time strolling through the local gardens and getting good ideas for our own home garden.  Several times we ran into friends enjoying this Saturday morning event and it was fun to visit with them.

Before long I want to share with you some photos I took while my husband and I visited Maclay Gardens State Park in the Springtime ... It is such a pretty park!

I'm so glad you joined us today for this garden tour.  Wishing you a very nice weekend with many blessings wherever you may be.

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