Friday, June 21, 2013

First Day of Summer 2013

Today is the first day of Summer.  

Summertime in the US is usually considered the months of June, July and August.  

All of the children are out of school for Summer vacation, families go on vacations together, gardens are growing,  everything around us is lush and green.  The lightening-bugs are back, along with the hummingbirds.

It is time for picnics, boating, fishing, building castles in the sand at the beach, swinging in a hammock in the backyard.  It is a time for good books to read, slip-n-slides, and swimming at the pool....and the list goes on.   Wonderful, wonderful summertime is here for all to enjoy.

I did not plant a garden this Spring because I knew we would be coming and going so much in the Summer that I probably would  not have much time to work in the garden.  

Zinnias growing in the garden.

While I was down picking blueberries I decided to walk on over to the garden area just in case anything happened to be coming up from last Summer.  

What a complete surprise it was to see almost half of the garden growing in pretty pink Zinnias. I planted Zinnias in the garden between the vegetables last Spring because I thought they would be so pretty to look at while working in the garden and they were very pretty.

I had all different colored Zinnias growing last year, but for some reason the Zinnias growing in the garden now were all pink.

I guess they just decided to re-seed themselves and grow all on their own.

The Good Lord knows how very much I love this color pink.  I know it was his idea to re-seed them and  I thank him so much for planting these beautiful Zinnias for me ... how completely delightful and what a nice surprise!

Summer vacation begins for us tomorrow as we leave to go north to the mountains of North Carolina.   While we are there several members of our family will be visiting.  We are so looking forward to seeing some of the grandchildren who do not live here in Tallahassee ... Then, later on, some of the grandchildren who do live here in town will come join us.

While we are gone, I look forward to trying to capture some of the beauty all around us with my camera.  And, for sure, if any of the pictures turn out,  I will be sharing them.

Do be safe in your Summertime activities and travels.  Have a wonderful beginning of Summer wherever you may be.

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