Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lake Iamonia in Tallahassee

It has been a busy Summer not leaving too much time for venturing out to try to capture pretty pictures with my camera.  We have had lots of rainy days,  but yesterday afternoon the sun was out and there were pretty white puffy clouds in the sky.   It was a perfect picture taking day.   I decided to drive down to Lake Iamonia, which is not too far from our home,  to try to get a nice photo of the lake.  You would not believe how many cars and boats were surrounding the area yesterday in the below photo, so I decided to wait until Monday, today, and hoped it would be less crowded.  As you can see there was not even one car/boat around today.

If one likes to fish you can't blame them for enjoying fishing in this beautiful lake.  One of the main attractions of Lake Iamonia is sport fishing for large mouth bass.

Lake Iamonia is located in what is called the Red Hills of Tallahassee.  It is a big lake with 5,757 acres and is 7 miles long and up to 2 miles wide.  I found myself wondering if God made this lake or if it was man-made.  So often you hear of lakes that were man-made to help with the drainage in the area.  So I checked in with Mr. Google and found out some interesting information.

Map of Lake Iamonia
From the Internet

Lake Iamonia was definitely not man-made.  It was formed many thousands of years ago.  It was home to Native Americans from approximately 200 BC to about 750 AD.   Later the banks of Lake Iamonia became home to the Seminole Indians.

Can't you just imagine seeing the Indian Villages along the banks of this beautiful lake.  
What a peaceful life they must have had.

According to Mr. Google there were many ancient fossils found all along the lake.  There were fossils of the early bear-dog, plus fossils of an early horse relative and even fossils of an ancient camel.

Later, in the antebellum 19th century, Lake Iamonia was surrounded by large plantations which included the Burgesstown Plantation, Pine Hill Plantation, Oaklawn Plantation and G.W. Holland Plantation.  Some of these were cotton plantations.  

Today the lake is home to a lot of wildlife.  There are Beavers, Bobcats, Coyotes, Gray Fox, Red Fox, Gray Squirrels, Fox squirrels, Marsh rabbits, Armadillos, Opossums, Raccoons, River otter and White-tailed deer.  There are also Alligators, Turtles, Snakes and Frogs.

Today, like yesterday was such a pretty day, and I love to see that beautiful blue sky,  and the pretty white clouds reflected in the lake.  Now, when I visit this lake from time to time I will always think of those Native Americans who lived along these shores so many years ago.

I hope it was a pretty day wherever you were also,  and hope it was a day filled with lots of beauty and many blessings.

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