Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Cloud-Filled Day

Yesterday we were driving back from a short visit with our twin grandchildren Ethan and Elly and our daughter Debi.  It was such a fun visit and now we can look forward to seeing them again during the Thanksgiving holidays.

October is a beautiful time of year here in the South.  The leaves have not begun to change just yet, but the fresh air sweeps in, and there is a different feel all around.  The days and nights are slightly cooler and there is a feeling of change in the air.

As we were driving along we could not help but notice how beautifully clear and cloud-filled the day was.   The sky looked like you could see forever and was so bright and intensely blue.  From time to time I would pick up my camera to try to capture some of the beauty of this beautiful day. 

The below cloud was such an unusual cloud.  The day was perfectly clear, with no rain clouds in sight. ... And, then,  this little cloud suddenly appeared.  Notice the trail from the cloud all the way to the ground.  Yes, it was a rain-cloud which appeared "out of the blue."  The good Lord must have felt they needed a little more rain in that particular spot.

The clouds remind me of fun times when we were children.  We would often spread a blanket outside on the grass,  have a picnic lunch,  and watch the clouds.  We would try to find picture patterns in the clouds and we usually did.  What a fun and care-free memory.  I wonder if children find time to do that today ... I hope so!

The long-range weather forecast here in the Deep South is for a cooler than usual Fall season.  With a little rain in our area today they tell us the rain is a cold-front sweeping in which will bring dry air and cooler temperatures.  Oh! How nice!  I love the cool freshness of Fall.

What a beautiful world!

It was fun trying to capture the beautiful cloud-filled sky as we drove along, even if we were traveling along in the car on the Interstate at about 70 miles an hour.

I hope it was a beautiful weekend for you too, and that you had beautiful cloud-filled days as well.  

Wishing you a happy Fall and many blessings wherever you may be.

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