Saturday, October 26, 2013

Another Confederate Rose

A few posts back I was telling you about a pretty Fall flower that blooms in the South during the month of October.  It is called a Confederate Rose.  I was fortunate to be able to get some pictures of this very interesting Fall flower while visiting a friend here in Tallahassee.  They were such a pretty flower,  I shared them in the following post.

If you would like to see that post,  you can click on the site below:

Well ... A brother-in-law who is also a dear friend came for a visit while we were recently at our mountain cabin in Robbinsville, North Carolina.  During one of our dinner conversations he happened to mention that he had a Confederate Rose tree blooming back home.  He said the blossoms on his tree bloomed first in white, turning to pink, and then turning to pinkish-red.

Confederate Rose Tree
Byron, Georgia

He lives in Byron, Georgia, which is a short distance off the Interstate.  We pass by the Byron exit on our way home from the cabin.  I was so curious to see his tree, and asked if we could stop by on our way back home and try to get some pictures..

We did stop for a visit yesterday, and I did get some photos of his tree, plus, he invited us for a delicious dinner.   

In the below photo is the way the flowers on his tree look when they first bloom.

Then they turn pink.

In the below photo there are two blossoms growing side by side, 
a new white blossom and one that has almost finished blooming.

The Confederate Rose is extremely easy to root from a cutting.  This particular tree started out as a cutting from our friend's brother's tree in Savannah, Georgia.

Apparently, this tree requires very little care.  We were told when the leaves wilt in the Summer it is time to water the tree, and occasionally it is necessary to give the tree a little garden fertilizer.  Sometimes it is necessary to prune back dead branches in the winter due to extreme cold temperatures.  

Since I had shared the first tree photos with you in a previous post, I thought you might enjoy seeing this tree also.  I don't remember seeing different colored blooms on the first tree, just beautiful pink blossoms ... Possibly there are different varieties of the Confederate Rose,  which would explain that difference.

Thanks for stopping in and taking a walk with us around this very interesting and beautiful old Southern tree in Byron, Georgia.

Wishing you a peaceful and beautiful weekend wherever you may be.


  1. I have this tree in my back yard that looks just like this.The tree has a beautiful white blossom that turns pink.

    1. Of all things I just saw your "comment." Thanks so much for stopping by Sweet Southern Days for a visit.

      We love this tree and I know you too are so happy to have one growing in your own back yard. Wishing you many blessings...Pat in Tallahassee.