Monday, June 30, 2014

A Breakfast Smoothie

So many recent magazines are full of information on how to eat healthier.  In one of the magazines I  saw a recipe on how to make a green smoothie.  The article went on to talk about how healthy this green smoothie was.

While I thought that smoothie seemed like a good idea, the magazine smoothie recipe did not seem to have enough variety,  so I decided to come up with my own recipe for a healthy green smoothie.

Mixed Berries, Spinach with Kale, Protein Shake

Or, I sometimes add Collard, Mustard and Turnip Greens.

Sometimes I can only find Spinach without the Kale.

Recently two physicians were on TV talking about the amazingly healthy benefits of Broccoli Sprouts.  Our local produce manager helped me find these in our local Publix grocery.  I have since read that the Organic Broccoli Sprouts are the most beneficial.

I added this whole  4 oz. package of Broccoli Sprouts.

To help mix everything I sometimes use water and sometimes use Pomegranate Juice,
which I also understand is very good for us.

To give flavor and taste and a bit more nutrition I add a scoop of Vi-Shape Shake Mix.  
 There are many protein nutritional shake mixes available in the health food stores,
or even your local grocery store.

One small little scoop is enough.

Put the berry mix in the blender, add some water or juice, 
add a scoop of protein shake mix and blend together.

Then add your greens and the broccoli sprouts and blend.  I always add as many greens as it takes to fill the blender after adding the fruit,  blending a little at a time adding more greens until blender is full.

If you add a lot of the mixed berries the smoothie does not turn out so green.

The next time I made this smoothie mix,  I used tropical mixed fruit with pineapple and mangoes,
which is lighter in color,  and then the smoothie did turn out to be green. 

I keep the covered blender in the refrigerator and have a glass each morning.  My blender makes enough to last for three days.   It still tastes good on the third day.  If the smoothie has thickened a little I add a little water and re-blend.

I thought this healthy concoction might be worth sharing with those of you trying to live a healthy lifestyle.  And, I have to say it actually is very delicious.

Below is a website that has lots of healthy smoothie recipes if you are looking for additional ideas.

We will be leaving tomorrow for a couple of weeks vacation in the mountains of North Caroline.  Also, we will be meeting the kids and grand kids during the 4th of July weekend. As always I will take my camera along and be looking for photo opportunities from all the beauty the Good Lord has given to us to enjoy.

Wishing you happy days, a fun 4th of July,  and a special Summertime wherever you may be.

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