Thursday, June 19, 2014

Early Morning Visitors

It is not unusual to spot deer visiting in our yard at just about any time of day.  As I walked into the kitchen a couple of days ago and looked out the window I spotted two deer who were passing through.  They always look toward the house as if they are wishing for company. 

I went to get my camera in hopes of trying to get a good picture of them.  
I used the Canon Zoom EF 70-200mm 1:4L lens.  The below photos are as close as I could zoom from the kitchen window.

We do enjoy seeing the deer, but on a hungry day for them,  as they are passing through,
they even have been known to eat the rose bushes with thorns.

   As I looked out the kitchen window at first I thought there was only one deer, but looking closer I saw she had brought a friend along.

Or, maybe, they are mother and daughter.  Or, maybe even sister and sister.

It must be hard to be a deer and have to constantly be looking for food to eat.  Sometimes Wal-Mart has large bags of deer eating corn available ... I wonder if they would stop eating the roses and other plants if they saw that corn was available for them ... That would be worth a try!

This world we live in is an amazing paradise when beautiful creatures like this can freely stop by for a visit at any time, along with the birds, raccoons and possums, bob-cats and an occasional red fox.

Wishing you blessed and beautiful days during this lovely month of June.  

The official first day of Summer is rapidly approaching and will be here day after tomorrow, on Saturday, June 21st.  Happy Summertime wherever you may be.

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