Saturday, April 16, 2016

A Walk To The Pet Cemetery

Many years ago my husband and I attended a meeting which was being held at the Adare Manor Castle Hotel and Golf Resort in Limerick, Ireland.  This amazing Manor House dates back to 1832 and was built by the Dunraven Family of Ireland.

This beautiful 5-Star-Hotel is located 25 minutes away from the Limerick Airport.  Adare Manor provided an ideal home base for exploring some of Ireland's most notable visitor attractions.  From there we visited The Cliffs of Moher, which was an hour and a half drive.  Bunratty Castle is a 20 minute drive.  The Blarney Castle where the "Blarney Stone" is located is about an hour and a half drive.  

While visiting these Irish attractions we were blessed to drive through some of the most beautiful and memorable Irish countryside.

The lovely Adare Manor seen in the below photo has 365 stained glass windows and 52 chimneys.  The rooms of the hotel are some of the most beautifully decorated rooms we have ever seen.

While there we were happy to sign up for the tour of the Adare Manor gardens and grounds. As hard as it is to believe, this tour turned out to be one of our favorite memories of Ireland.  We walked through some beautiful gardens during this tour.    As we approached a lovely shaded area under a very large tree,  we saw the most adorable little "Pet Cemetery."   Included was a tiny little curved-top-headstone for their tiny little parakeet bird.  And there were many other pet headstones as well.  

Adare Manor Castle Hotel and Golf Resort
Limerick, Ireland
Photo from the Internet

We never forgot that adorable little pet cemetery and the memories of beautiful Ireland.  As the years rolled by, when we lost our first pet,  we remembered that Irish cemetery across the sea and we wanted to have a place to remember our pets.

The other evening I had my camera with me while I walked around the yard to capture some of the blossoms and new greenery of Springtime.   

Walking just past the house, turning to the left you can go 
down the hill and through the woods to the pet cemetery.

Or, you can go past the house and continue through the rose arbor on down the path.

This path also leads down to the pet cemetery.

Along this path we see rows of Boxwoods.  Many years ago my husband grew each one of these plants from small little cuttings he placed in tin cans.  So we know it definitely is possible to grow Boxwoods from cuttings.

This path, if you continue on makes a loop around the property.

Turning off the path and walking through the woods I spotted this pretty little wildflower.

And we see some Rain Lilies along the way.

Yes, these little flowers are true to their name ... The pretty blossoms open after a rain shower.

Just past the Rain Lilies we see the "pet cemetery" down in the woods.

The below photo shows the very first pet placed in our "pet cemetery."  
He was our dear "Corky" who was a very loving Irish Setter.  1979-1988.

Then we lost our dear little "Willie."   He was the most adorable little black Cocker Spaniel.  Of all things, he was jumping through the woods one day and jumped right on a rattlesnake.  The vet did his best to revive little Willie, but was not successful.  Willie 1987-1999.

Then there was Sammie our sweet little cat.

And very recently we lost our "Nelson."  His real name was Willie Nelson, but we called him Nelson.

Yes, this is Nelson following me as I would take my walks around the yard.  One day we found him in the yard and he looked like he was sleeping, but he had gone on to heaven.  There did not seem to be any reason why.

And I recently found another photo of sweet Nelson posing for the camera.

And then there was Oscar ...  He and Nelson were good friends and kept each other company.  Oscar found us one day and never left us.  He always seemed so happy to have found a good home and he especially loved my husband.  He too was found outside in the yard as if he was asleep, but he too had gone to heaven.  And, again, we could not figure out why.

Oscar, one of the sweetest animals ever.

Then there was Annie.  Dear Annie belonged to our grandsons Dillon and Chase.  They had her through all of their teenage growing up days and they loved her dearly.  We will never forget Annie.

Below is a photo of Annie as she sat smiling for the camera.

And in the below photo we see another photo of Annie.  Grandson Lawson was using Annie for a pillow and as you can see, she does not mind at all.

How nice it is to have the dear memories of these wonderful pets.

Through the years some of the grandsons even buried their goldfish here in the pet cemetery.

Thanks for coming along for a walk on this lovely evening as we walk back through memory lane.

Wishing you a wonderful and blessed weekend wherever you may be.

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