Sunday, April 10, 2016

Springtime in Tallahassee

This time of year in early Springtime I love to take my camera along on walks around the yard.  It is fun to try to capture the beauty all around that the good Lord has provided for us to enjoy.

Years ago my husband planted Cherokee Roses out on the front fence.  I love the way they drape and cascade all along the fence.  The beautiful white flowers have a long blooming season and as we drive up to the driveway it is delightful to see these lovely flowers all along the fence.

As you can see the Cherokee Rose is a climbing shrub.  If this pretty bush has something to climb on her branches can travel as far as 33 feet.  The green leaves of this plant are bright and shiny  contrasted with the large white blossoms.

This lovely plant originally came from China and was introduced into the United States about 1780.  

The hardiness zones for the Cherokee Rose are 7-9. 
 This beautiful flower is the State Flower of Georgia. 
We are so glad this exquisite plant also flourishes in North Florida.

As I walked down by the pond I could not help but notice this climbing rose 
draped way up in the trees in the woods beside the pond.

Making the loop from the pond back up into the side yard I spotted this old bird house.  That is an old climbing rose draped across this old home.  As you can see this rose has not begun to bloom yet.  I have been watching this birdhouse from the kitchen window, but so far have not seen any birds coming and going yet.

Just across the driveway from the old birdhouse we see the rose arbor in the below photo.  During one of the close-by hurricane storms that approached our area,  a tree went down across the original arbor.  This arbor was built last Summer in place of the old arbor.  We quickly planted this Peggy Martin also called the Katrina Rose.  It has lots and lots of rose buds and as you can see in the below photo some have begun to bloom. 

On the side of the arbor we placed this "bluebird" home with high hopes of finally attracting some bluebirds to our yard.  No luck with the bluebirds, but we see another little black and white bird coming and going and going inside and out of the little house,  so we know there is a family of birds nesting there.

Another flower beginning to bloom is the pretty little yellow Lady Bankshire Rose.  This eye-catching flower can grow as a large climbing rose or can be pruned into a pretty bush as in the below photo.

In the side yard we planted this Lady Bankshire Rose seen in the below photo in hopes it would climb and cover this swing arbor.  This particular location does not get a lot of sun, so we can only hope it will do well in this semi-sunny spot.

This Lady Banks has grown fairly well considering it was only planted last Spring.  
And, it is beginning to bloom a little as seen in the below photo.

Our daughter gave us this lovely Amaryllis we see blooming in the below photo.

I could not resist getting a picture of this pretty little rose bud growing in the garden.

Across the driveway close to the woods,  I noticed this little azalea blossom.  
My husband planted this unusual azalea many years ago.

We love the Native Azaleas that grow so nicely in our area.  
My husband has planted several different color bushes around in different spots in the yard.
The below photo is in the wooded section of the yard.

The Native Azalea we see in the below photo is located in the side yard and is a very light pink.

This is a close-up blossom from the tree we see above.

And walking past the woods I noticed this pretty red Native Azalea.  
This blossom was way up in the bush,  so I used the zoom lens to try to capture a closer photo.  

Also, we see the wood ferns in the below photo which have started 
sprouting on the edge of the woods. 

 I spotted these white flowers cascading down from a tree growing at the edge of the woods.  But, I have no idea what this wildflower is called, but I thought they were so pretty.

It was a very windy day and the flag on the flagpole in the front yard was 
posing nicely in the wind.  Just beyond the flagpole we see the bright yellow Native Azaleas.

Using the zoom lens I was able to scroll in to see this pretty colorful butterfly stopping by for a visit.

Could not walk past these pretty colorful impatiens in the planter 
on the back patio without snapping a photo. 

And, could not resist snapping a photo of Old Glory as she blew in the cool breezes.

The afternoon walk took me on down through the woods and on to the "Pet Cemetery",  which I will share in the next post.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit.   I hope you have had a wonderful weekend and that you are enjoying this beautiful Springtime wherever you may be.

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