Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Switchables Stained Glass Nightlight

We have been away for a few days enjoying a trip to the mountains in Robbinsville, NC.  For many years we have traveled to Robbinsville, where we have a get-away-from-it-all mountain cabin.  The cabin is tucked away in the middle of nowhere!  After being there a few days, and enjoying the peaceful, cool days, it is nice to get back to a little civilization.

One of our favorite side trips is an hour-and-a-half drive, through the beautiful mountains, over to Waynesville, NC.  Waynesville is a charming mountain town located just off Highway 74, which is about 25 miles west of Asheville, NC.  It is also very close to the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

We usually enjoy having lunch at one of the charming restaurants.  Then, it is fun to take a stroll down Main Street, which is filled with unique art galleries, gift shops, book stores, the Mast General Store, and upscale rustic mountain-type furniture stores.  It is a treat to window-shop and get gift-giving ideas in the interesting gift shops.

I happened into a cute little gift shop while there in Waynesville.  Unfortunately, I did not notice the name of the gift shop, but it is located directly across the street from the very interesting kitchen shop on the corner. 

While browsing in the gift shop, I saw these adorable little stained-glass nightlights.  The nightlight itself has a little hook which holds the stained-glass ornament.    There are seasonal and holiday designs available to choose from, which can be changed to match the time of year.  I also very much liked the Halloween Pumpkin and the Nativity Scene switchable. 

This particular nightlight seemed just a perfect little light for the kitchen.

 Switchable Stained-Glass Nightlight

I love the whimsical look of these cute little nightlights.  I often times think of the truck-load of cupcakes we made for school bake-sales, classroom parties, and home parties.  This little ornament happily reminds me of those fun days when the children were little.

It will be a good long time before we are back in the charming little town of Waynesville and back to that gift shop, so I was glad  to see a website on the package.  After visiting the site I see these items can be ordered online.   Just in case you like these happy little nightlights as much as I do, I am happy to share that website:   www.switchables.net

Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit, and I do hope you come again.

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