Friday, August 10, 2012

The Green Green Grass of Home

Sometimes it is almost as good as eating chocolate to hear a beautiful song.  As I went on a walk,  trying to capture the beautiful natural greens of summertime with my camera, the words of that touching song,  "The Green Green Grass of Home" came to mind.

Way back in the 60's, Tom Jones made that song popular.  I thought it was so pretty back then, and just asked Mr. Google to help me find it again.   I did find a YouTube version and you can DOUBLE CLICK on the link if you would like to hear that beautiful old song.

If you look closely down the hill,  you can see the pond area.   Come walk along with me around the pond, as I try to capture more photos of Mother Nature in her summer outfits.

This is the view, looking back up the hill that caused the words of that song, "Green Green Grass of home to come to mind. 

Walking toward the pond there is a huge old oak tree that must be a hundred years old.  There are several kinds of plants growing on the trunk of the tree and up the branches.

From the tree looking out you can see the pond.

In the evening, it is very peaceful to walk down the hill to the pond, "sit a spell" and listen to the frogs,  and watch the birds around the pond.

In this below photo toward the right,  you can see the long,  
low bridge that goes across the pond to the island. 

Many years ago,  my husband stocked the pond with lots of brim, bass and catfish.  Our children and grandchildren, and some of the neighbor's children and grandchildren have a good time fishing in the pond.

 Bridge going across to the island.

In the below picture,  as we walk around the pond over there to the right,  you can see the island.  It is home to a lot of wildlife including an alligator or two.

I just had to include this photo of our little grandson Lawson on the day he caught his first fish from the pond.  He was as excited as we have ever seen him.  He is a little bigger now and is getting ready to go into the 2nd grade already ... Time really does fly!

Later,  I will share with you a little about the "wildlife" in and around the pond.  Thanks for stopping by and walking with me today,  and sharing the green green grass of home. 


  1. Greetings! Do you have any journalism education or it is a natural talent of yours? Can't wait to see your reply.

  2. My training is in Medical Transcribing.....but, thank you for the compliment. I just enjoy taking pictures of all the beauty around us and then it is fun to share.

    Thanks for stopping by Sweet Southern Days.