Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tallahassee Wildlife

As we drive toward home and make the last turn, we often see a little red fox run across the road.  He is the skinniest, scrawniest little creature, but he is still really cute.  It would be a great pleasure for me if he would stop and pose for my camera now and then.

We have lived in the country for many years, and from the kitchen window we often see wildlife.  I try to keep my camera handy just in case some little creature happens by the window.  The following photos were taken on different days when the opportunity arose.

In the below picture there is a wild turkey family we often see.  There are usually so many of them each visit,  we think they are the aunts, uncles, parents, grandparents and teenagers.  They also often walk around in the backyard and down around the pond.   They seem so happy and content.

On another day, while working around in the kitchen,  I did a double-take not knowing what I was seeing.  There were two of them following each other.  By the time I grabbed the camera and focused, they had walked on past the driveway on toward the woods.  They were not in any hurry at all.  It was only after I downloaded the photos we could identify them as bobcats.   If they have visited before this, we must have missed seeing them.

This is a mockingbird stopping by the feeder.  He seems to like the home-made suet when I include that with the bird food. 

I just happened to glance out and see this big fellow relaxing in the front yard.  He rested there for awhile and then moved on.  We used to plant Impatiens all along the front yard beds....Just as they were growing and blooming beautifully, the deer would come along and have a feast. 

Tallahassee has a huge bird population and just about everyone I knows has at least one feeder in their yards.  We especially like the big platform bird feeder, because then the big birds can easily come in for a landing.  My husband goes to Wal-Mart and finds the bird food with nuts and berries.   The bigger birds seem to really love that particular food.

 This little bird looks like a little finch of some sort.

 Doves often stop in for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We can always count on the  blue jays to stop by.  Sometimes there are three or four at a time.

The only bad thing about having a platform bird feeder is the large raccoons have enough room to help themselves too and they eat everything in sight.

He seems to have heard me at the window with the camera.  I think he is wondering if he should consider leaving.

 He did almost leave and then changed his mind.

 A black bird stops by for some lunch.

 The woodpeckers especially like the nuts and berries.

 We are all familiar with all the beautiful cardinals here in Tallahassee.

 Also, just outside the kitchen window is the hummingbird feeder. 

 There are always lots of squirrels stopping by the feeder as well.

On another day, glancing out the window, this pretty little deer was passing by.  I wondered if he was the same one in the first picture or one of his relatives.

I spend so much time in the kitchen and always keep my camera close by.  Our neighbor saw a bear in their back yard.  That would sure be a surprise to look up and see something like that from the window or anywhere else!  Maybe one day.

I'm so glad you stopped by for a visit, and I hope you enjoyed the view from the kitchen window.

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