Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Sweet Southern Day

On the last day of driving our grandsons to school, the week we were staying with them,  I took my camera along in hopes of capturing some unexpected beauty along the Tallahassee roadways.  Sure enough, as the boys and I drove along on the route to school, we spotted these beautiful wild Morning Glories.

After the boys were safely delivered to their classrooms, I drove back to try to capture the beauty of these beautiful wild flowers.

I loved how these wild Morning Glories were so artistically draped along this chain-link fence.

The birds must have planted these pretty little flowers along this fence which was surrounding what looked like a holding-pond for the area.

It was so delightful to see these beautiful little flowers blowing in the early morning breeze, on this late September day.

As I continued on toward home, I passed this charming old home in the below photo.  We often pass this home on the route to our home.  Since I had my camera on this day, and since I have always admired this beautiful old home, I snapped a photo of it too.  It would be nice to know the history of this old home and property, and I would love to take a tour inside.

Arriving home, in the below photo,  I spotted this pretty little rose blooming.  This is such a good little rose plant; it just blooms and blooms and does not require much care at all.  It gets a little fertilizer in the Spring, sufficient water, and after that it is pretty much on it's own.  I wish I could tell you the name of this special little rose,  because it is sure an easy one to grow.

Also blooming prettily in the front flower bed is the little blue flower in the below photo.  It is a faithful little flower that also just blooms and blooms all summer.  Most of us are familiar with this popular plant, but I do not remember the name.  It looks real pretty in a bouquet by itself or intermixed in a little arrangement with the roses.

Thanks you for coming along on this beautiful early morning drive.  It is always a special treat to see the amazing beautify all around us and I am glad you shared it with me.  Have a wonderful weekend.

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