Monday, September 3, 2012

Panama City, Florida

Panama City, Florida is about a two and a half hour drive over from Tallahassee.  On a recent weekend we drove over from Tallahassee with plans to meet with some of my husband's Fraternity Brothers from college, and their wives for the weekend.

Driving into Panama City on Hwy 231 you cannot miss this huge water tower.  I have often thought how nice it would be if folks painted their water towers to match what the sky looks like on a beautiful day ... Well, someone must have had the same idea.  How about the color of this water tower.  And, I love the creative artwork painted on the sides. 

For some reason water towers are interesting to see.  But, even after asking Mr. Google, I have no idea why we all have them.  Something about water pressure..... When the children were little and we would spot a water tower, they liked to tell me it was filled with orange juice. 

On this trip we never did get to the beach during the day to snap any photos of the beautiful aqua waters and white beaches.  I found this below beautiful photo on the Internet.  Panama City has 27 miles of ocean-front beaches, and it is delightful to drive from one end of the beach to the other.

Panama City Beach -  Photo from the Internet

We met up with friends to walk on the beach in the evening,  to watch the sun go down, and hopefully see a beautiful sunset.  Of course I had to take my camera along in hopes of clear skies.

Even though Isaac (the hurricane-to-be) was way out in the Gulf working his way toward our area, the clouds from the storm did not get in the way of a beautiful sunset

The next evening someone suggested we all meet at Uncle Ernie's Bayfront Grill Restaurant over close to the famous St. Andrews Marina.  It is a popular marina that welcomes commercial and recreational boaters.  It is a popular attraction for visitors to come watch the fisherman's daily catch come in to the dock and for locals to buy fresh seafood right there at the dock.

Visitors to St. Andrews will also find nearby galleries, shopping and many amazing restaurants.

St. Andrews Marina

The marina is directly adjacent to Uncle Earnie's Bayfront Grill Restaurant.  The restaurant advertises, "The Best Sunsets in Bay County."  Several of us did bring our cameras in hopes of capturing a pretty sunset. 

Earnie's Bayfront Grill Restaurant

We were fortunate to be seated on the back porch of the restaurant where we could get a very nice view of the sunset.

Everyone enjoyed a delicious dinner while visiting and watching the setting sun.  I had fried shrimp and it was very fresh and delicious.

Once the sun begins to set it really does not take very long at all for it to disappear, so we were watching it closely.


Going ...

 Going ...

 The end of another beautiful day.

Oh! Summertime! What a beautiful time of year.  Yes, with the coming of Labor Day the end of summer is right around the corner.  It is still very warm and summery, but something in the air just feels different.  And, it is kind of exciting to think of the change of seasons transitioning on into fall. That is such a beautiful time of year also.  

Labor Day is an American holiday always celebrated on the first Monday in September and pays tribute to American workers.  How nice to have a holiday for all the hard-working folks in this country ....  A very well deserved tribute.  

It is also a time my daughter Sharon reminds me, I can't wear white shoes anymore, or white pants either.  Did you ever hear that?  I'm not sure if that is just something Southern, or if you Northerners do that too.  

Thank you for stopping by.   I wish you the most wonderful holiday, and many sweet days ahead.

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