Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Monogrammed Cake Stand

I was in the middle of taking photos for a post to show photo examples from my new Christmas lens, the Canon 24-70 lens.  I was snapping photos of this, that and the other.

When I looked at the photo I took of the kitchen cake plate dome, it occurred to me you might like to know where to get one of these cute monogrammed cake domes.  They can be ordered in different fonts and colors.

Awhile back I was looking for monogrammed cake domes when I came across this site:

I already had a cake stand and just wanted the cake dome, but the cake dome I wanted came with a cake stand also.  That can be used for something else later on.   It also came with a different bow, which was very easy to change.  The monogram can be ordered in different fonts and different colors.

Below is another similar site with very cute monogrammed cake stands and domes and other cute monogrammed items as well.


Monogrammed items are very popular all around the Tallahassee area, but I was never able to find a cake stand.  It was nice to see they were available online.  All of us "girls" have to stick together and I thought you might like to know about these also.

When time permits I will get back to taking some test photos with the Canon 24-70 lens, and share them when I get them together.  

I'm so glad you took the time to stop by for a visit,  and do wish you well wherever you may be.

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