Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Drive Around Town

Driving around Tallahassee is always a treat with all the pretty trees and flowers all around.  I happened to have my camera with me while I was running errands and decided to take pictures of some of the pretty things I saw along the way.

Tallahassee Nurseries is an old established nursery here in Tallahassee.  I have often thought they should charge admission just to drive in because everything is so pretty.

As you can see they are really into the spirit of Valentine's Day with their pretty heart display.  It sure caught my eye as I was driving by.

Below are some of the beautiful old oak trees at the entrance to the nursery.  Everything was so pretty I decided to drive on in and snap a few pictures.

Would love to know the age of this beautiful huge oak tree .

They had quite a few camellias available and most of them were blooming.

I could spend an afternoon here taking pictures, there is so much to see.  But this time I was just driving through.

This is the office where the nursery has their landscape and planning department.

This is the other side of that huge old oak tree.

The entrance to the nursery is lined with beautiful old magnolia trees.  It is always a treat to drive through this area.

Driving out from the nursery I could not resist snapping a picture of the huge old oak trees across the street.  And as you can see the azaleas are beginning to bloom.  I have always said living in Tallahassee is like living in a huge garden.

Next, I was driving through an area in mid-town I call "Old Town."  This is a charming older part of Tallahassee.  I did not take the time to get any pictures of the charming  houses on this day, but these colorful chairs all lined up in a circular pattern caught my eye.

Heading on back toward home I spotted this pretty little wild yellow flower growing on the fence post.  There are a lot of these pretty little vines all over in the woods right now growing all up in the trees.

In the below photo I could not resist getting a picture of this tree silhouetted against the grey sky.  It is a reminder that Spring is not quite here yet.  Most of the trees are still sleeping like this one.   

There is so much beauty all around us and it is fun capturing some of that beauty with my camera.
Thanks for coming along with me on my drive through town.  I hope you are doing well wherever you may be.

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