Saturday, June 15, 2013

Daylilies At Hidden Hollow

This year,  the third Sunday in June is a very special day across our beautiful nation and in many other countries around the world.  It is a day set aside to honor fathers, let them know how much they mean to us,  and how special their influence is in our families. 

My Daddy has been gone for over thirty years now, and I still miss him so.  I miss our conversations, our laughter together, his wisdom and the complete unconditional love which always surrounded me in his presence.

I would like to dedicate this post today to my sweet husband who has been a wonderful father figure and who has provided stability, love and direction to our children as they have grown into their own lives. 

One of the traditional Father's Day gifts to my husband each year has been Daylilies.  He loves them and has planted many beautiful Daylilies all around our yard.  The following photos are some of his favorites.

Daylilies are very hardy and grow very well in our yard.  They do not require much care at all.

So many of the Daylily photos have water droplets on the petals because temperatures have gotten much warmer in the month of June and the water sprinklers are on so often.

 I wonder if this little guy in the below photo is stopping by to get a drink of water.

My favorite Daylilies are the blossoms with the ruffled edges.

Our Daylily plants always die back in the winter and we hardly notice them.  When Spring arrives the plants come alive and beautiful long, healthy, green stems spring up followed by the beautiful blossoms.

The Daylily is often called the perfect perennial due to it's beautiful bright colors, ability to tolerate drought and the fact that they require little care.

Unfortunately these beautiful flower blossoms only last about 24 hours.  They open in the early morning hours and wither away during the following night. That must be the reason why they are called Daylilies.  And, of course they do not last long in a flower arrangement.

Daylilies thrive in full sun, although certain Daylilies require partial-shade, depending on their color.  Lighter shades require the sun to bring out their color.  Darker Daylilies, such as the reds and purples need shade because their darker colors absorb heat.

Amazingly the plant hardiness zones for Daylilies is 1 through 11.  I would think that means just about anyone anywhere could grow beautiful Daylilies.

I hope you enjoyed our  walk through the yard looking at the different Daylilies all in bloom during this beautiful month of June.  Since they are my husband's favorite flower,  I'm so glad they are blooming on his  special Father's Day.

I hope you are enjoying some of your favorite things on this special day as well, and wish you a wonderful Father's Day celebration with your family wherever you may be.

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