Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Before and After Guest House Remodel - And a Monogrammed Wreath

For almost a year now we have been remodeling what we call the "little house" or now,  the "guest house" down the hill.  

Originally,  this little structure was a tractor barn.  Later on it was turned into a small living space and was used by friends and family. 

Over the years there was a problem with rain water coming down the hill and causing lots of moisture for the "little house."  It sat vacant for awhile and then the much needed decision was made to give the "little house" a major remodel.

We called Susan Carey,  a local builder with 7 Gables Construction Company here in Tallahassee to help with the remodel.  She was the contractor during the project.  She was such a kindred spirit  and she also had very good suggestions all during the construction process.  Her full attention to detail was amazing.

I wish I had thought about taking before-and-after photos before the project began.  The below photo shows the "little house" shortly after the project began."

 In the below photo is:
"The Little House" BEFORE
Originally a tractor barn about 30 years ago. 

In the below photo is:
"The Little House"  AFTER

First the drainage problem was solved when builder Susan called in folks to fix the problem.  Drainage pipes were placed all around the outside of the little house,  which would be directed away from the house.  We held our breath when the first rains came, but it became obvious right away the problem had been solved.

As you can see many changes were made to the little house.  The old original sliding doors were removed.  Double opening French doors have been put in their place.  There was also a brick patio floor and porch added.  This is now a very inviting space to sit and look out over the pond.

There are two downstairs bedrooms,  both with double French doors as seen above.  Also on the bottom floor there is a laundry room, hall, spiral stairway going upstairs, and  a bathroom and small shower.

Also added in the front was a long brick sidewalk and a post light.

Just before construction began on the little house, during a thunderstorm,  a tree fell right in the middle of the existing arbor our daughter Stephanie and grandsons Dillon and Chase had built themselves.  Needless to say the damage was beyond repair and now, as you can see,  a new arbor is in it's place.

Following the brick walkway around to the back you will find the outside stairway entrance to the upstairs living area which includes a small kitchen, living room with TV, small dinning room and bathroom.

Inside there is a very interesting little spiral stairway leading to the downstairs area.

If you follow the brick walkway on straight past the little house, and follow the path,  you will be going on up to our family home up the hill.

Back stairway leading to the upstairs Living Room, Kitchen, Dining areas.

If you look to the left in the below photo you will see some very pretty Irises.  I was at Walmart yesterday and spotted those pretty plants, and came home and planted them down by the arbor.  I hope they are the variety that survives in our area because they are so pretty.

"Only God can make a tree"  and a pretty flower.

From this view you can see the back of the family home up the hill.

You know how it is to want to put the "icing on the cake!"  Well! I just felt the need to put a wreath on the entrance wall between the two French doors.  So, I headed down to Jo Ann Fabrics to see what I could find.

Jo Ann Fabrics has a selection of pretty,  already decorated wreaths, as shown in the below photo.  I wanted something very simple, and something I did not have to make from the ground up.    I actually found this very same wreath at the Jo Ann Fabrics website, which can be ordered from the below link.    And, the website has other choices to choose from as well.  If you would like to see them just click on the below link:

Wreath from Jo Ann Fabrics

Next, I wanted a large single monogram to place on the wreath. I went to M & M Monogramming here in Tallahassee.  The large single letter monograms have to be ordered and take about a week-and-a-half to come in after they have been ordered.  These single monograms can be ordered from the below website.  If interested you can "contact them from their below website,"  then, you would have to ask specifically for the single wooden monogram letter.

You may or may not want to add a bow ... I just happen to love bows!
A plaid bow probably would have been better contrast!

So, as you can see, it is so simple to make this pretty wreath.  Choose your wreath, and your wooden monogram letter and then add a bow if you choose.  I just nailed a nail into the wall and sat the wreath on the nail .... so easy!

 The finished wreath between the two double bedroom doors.  
The finishing touch!

As you can see the "Little Barn or Little House" down the hill is finally finished.  We will use it as a guest house for family and friends.

Our daughter Stephanie is making the draw curtains for the double doors.  When they are finished I will show you the bedrooms with the pretty finished curtains.  I will be making the other curtains for the windows and I will share them also,  including photos of the inside rooms.

This remodel has been such a fun project from beginning to end.  I'm so glad you stopped by to visit with us during our before-and-after project.

So many of you leave the most delightfully kind comments on different posts.  I am so sorry I am not very technical and not very able to answer your questions regarding possible technical problems.  One consistent question is what platform I use.  I use and so far it has been easy for me to use...especially since I am not very computer literate. 

Some of you have also asked "where are my contacts."  The only contact I know of is an email contact,  located on the sidebar.  I don't think the sidebar shows up if you are using an iPhone.

Thanks to all of you for visiting and leaving your sweet comments ... I love knowing such good, sweet, wonderful people are out there,  and I do wish you beautiful days wherever you may be!


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    1. It was a fun project and we were pleased with the outcome......So glad you like the results too. Thanks for stopping by Sweet Southern Days and please come again.