Friday, May 23, 2014

Pretty Blossoms in May

May is such a beautiful time of year here in the South.  The weather is usually mild with beautiful glistening days and cool evenings.

May is also a busy month with many events happening.  As you know there is Mother's Day honoring all of the mothers in our lives, graduations with special celebrations, grandchildren's end of the school year field trips, testing and preparation for the end of the school year,  and Memorial Day.

During this busy month I tried to remember to put my camera in the car each time I left home.  The month of May is a time when so many beautiful flowers are in bloom all over,  and I wanted to try to capture some of that beauty with my camera.

Driving back to Tallahassee from my husband's hometown of Moultrie, Georgia,  I did a double-take seeing these beautiful Climbing Old Garden Roses draped across a chainlink fence out close to the highway.  Of course I just had to get pictures of this charming Old Garden Rose.   Isn't it so pretty the way this rose has different colors all on the same bush!

I love how the colors change from white, to pink, to dark pink.

I don't know the name of this beautiful Old Garden Rose but it looks very similar to cuttings taken from my sister-in-law's cow pasture rose bush there in Moultrie, Georgia.  That rose is now growing nicely out on the front fence.  Our daughter Stephanie also transplanted little rose plants from our bush over to her fence and they have almost covered her fence too.

Driving along on the same highway on toward home,  one could not help but notice this huge Confederate Jasmine vine trailing all along someone's front entrance.

We just had to stop so I could get a picture of this beautiful sight. And this
Confederate Jasmine had such a wonderful Jasmine fragrance.
This beautiful bush grows nicely in zones 8 through 10.

In the below photo, our daughter Stephanie put this little arrangement together 
for one of the Mother's Day serving tables.

A closer look.

These Old Garden Roses we planted out on our front fence always bloom in the month of May.  These rose cuttings originally were also taken from roses growing on an old cow pasture fence up in Moultrie, Georgia.

These Old Garden Roses only bloom once a year, but to me, they are worth waiting for.

The below photo shows an Old English Rose planted in our side yard many years ago.  I wish I could tell you the name of this pretty rose.  When it blooms for the first time in Spring it just blooms and blooms.
This is

In the below photo is a  close-up of one of the blossoms.

Another unidentified rose growing in the garden.

And another English Rose.

I have watched the two trees in the below photo grow up to be this size from two little weed-like bushes that were about two feet tall.  When we had horses years ago these two little weeds were growing next to a wooden fence used to fence in the horses. 

As you can see, at this time of year they are filled with pretty little white blossoms.

Confederate Jasmine blooming on the arbor out front.  

The blossoms of the Confederate Jasmine look like little stars and they smell heavenly.

In the below photo is a little Fairy Rose growing in the rose garden.

For some reason I just love climbing vines, especially climbing roses.  I love this climbing rose and wish I could tell you the name of this charming climber.

In the below photo is another climbing rose.  
We found this rose at Tallahassee Nurseries and it is called "Seven Sisters."

Close to the roses I spotted this pretty little Iris blooming.

On the other side of the house near this cut off tree are some more pretty blooming Irises.
Also growing on the cut off tree is a very pretty Virginia Creeper vine, mixed in with
a little Poison Ivy.

Also blooming all over town are what I call wild Queen Ann's Lace.  I drive by this beautiful bush everyday and just had to stop to try to capture it with my camera. 

A pretty Mother's Day gift Azalea.

And, yes, even the beautiful, fragrant Gardenias are in full bloom.

One of our Garden Club members picked these beautiful flowers from her garden and made a lovely table bouquet for the brunch table for the May meeting.  I think this combination is so beautiful.

All of the above photos are some of the beautiful reasons I try to keep the camera with me during this  Springtime time of year.  

Thanks for coming along  as we stroll through the amazing beauty we see all around us.

Wishing you a beautiful Springtime Memorial Day weekend full of beautiful blossoms wherever you may be.

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