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Downtown Thomasville, Georgia

Come with us as we visit the South Georgia town of Thomasville, Georgia.  I took my camera in hopes of trying to capture some of the charm and beauty of this old historic Southern town.

Driving to Thomasville on Highway 319 from Tallahassee
is about a 35 mile trip.

Back in the 1800s the railroad came as far South as Thomasville.  At that time Northerners came to town for their health.  They thought that breathing the pine-scented air would cure their pulmonary ailments.  Thomasville came to represent the best of Southern hospitality with a lavish resort lifestyle.  Folks began to flock to the area to enjoy hunting, fishing, golfing, and horse racing.

America's wealthiest families visiting in the area bought property and built grand Victorian mansions and plantation homes.  Many of these plantations are still owned by the families who built them in the 1800s.

The below photos show Broad Street, which is the main street in the downtown area.
There are many wonderful shops and restaurants all along both sides of the street.

Thomasville, Georgia was designated a "Great American Main Street City" in 1998 and was also named one of a dozen "Top Places to Visit in the United States" by the National Trust for Historic Preservation in 1999.

Isn't this a pretty old clock!

If you are looking for decorating fabrics for the home,
you would love a visit to "Trolly's Design Fabrics" seen in the below photo.

The old brick-paved streets in the downtown area give you a feeling of stepping back in time.

Periodically you will see black benches placed along the sidewalks on Broad Street.  These benches have very thoughtfully been donated by Thomasville residents in memory of loved ones.

This amazing life-sized dog sculpture is part of  "Arts in Public Places" exhibits in the city.

         The below information sign is one of several placed along 
intersections to assist in finding your destination.

There are several eateries like "Savannah Moon Bakery and Cafe" 
seen in the below photo,  located along Broad Street.

The tall blue building seen in the below photo was originally constructed in 1882.   At that time it was used as a brokerage exchange.   

Today this charming old building is home to "At Home in Thomasville," a Home Decor and Gift Shop.   This building, along with many others in town, has a restored Victorian storefront to look much like it did  when originally constructed.

 Broad Street

Seen in the below photo is the  "Thomas Drug Store."  This business has been operating under this same name since 1881, and is downtown's oldest continuous business having been a drugstore since 1859.

In the below photo the tall green building, which now houses a very charming gift shop called, "The Gift Shop" is also located on Broad Street.  It is just across the street and down from the Thomas Drug Store. 

  "The Gift Shop"  building is Queen Anne architecture and was originally the Inman's Drug Store.

Also located along Broad Street is "Kevin's Outdoor Gear and Apparel."  
I love to go into this store and just look ... and wish!

The store employees were kind enough to say I could take pictures, but I did not want to take advantage of their kindness and over do it ... But, I sure could have!!  ... There are so many beautiful items in this store for the home.

Yes, they have all kinds of hunting gear and even guns, and jeans and belts and boots and men's and women's clothing, but I never can get past all of the beautiful paintings of dogs and the outdoors.  They have the most beautiful tablewear I have ever seen.  Wish I could show you close ups of all the pretty things!

I love the brick wall backdrop.
Notice the dog paintings on top of the hutches, 
plus the beautiful magnolia painted tray on top of the black hutch. 
And, can you see those beautiful serving trays on the table!
Notice the pillows on the left showing a red fox, deer and dogs.

Most all of the dishes have an outdoor theme of either deer, dogs, pheasant or other birds.

One of my weaknesses is recipe books ... At Kevin's they have the most interesting ones I have ever seen.  The author of this "Dinner on the Grounds Southern Suppers and Soirees," actually was a guest speaker at one of our Garden Club meetings in Tallahassee a couple of years ago.  He is completely Southern and is so very interesting.  He not only likes to garden, but also likes to cook.

My husband had his eye on this pheasant sculpture, but we both resisted 
our compulsive shopping urges.

Located just outside of Kevin's was another "in memory" bench and as you can see
another adorable dog sculpture.

What artistic talent!

And, such a sweet face!

My husband and I very much enjoy shopping at "Cargo Unlimited."   Years ago we found the perfect coffee table and some other items for the home.  It is also a pleasure to window-shop here, plus they have wonderful gift items.

Even though we have been to Thomasville many times, we thought a visit to the Visitor's Center would be fun.  The ladies in the Center sure did have sweet Southern Georgia personalities.  They were so friendly and we enjoyed visiting with them very much!

Such a pretty entrance to the Visitor's Center.

A pretty oasis outside of the Visitor's Center.

One of the ladies in the Visitor's Center told me she picked this bouquet of "cotton" herself.
I think it is so pretty in it's simplicity,  and so representative of the northern part of the county.

Leaving the Visitor's Center we again saw this amazing wall of greenery 
growing all the way up to the top of the wall ... How pretty!

If you drive past Broad Street,  almost one block north on Highway 319, 
 you can't miss this amazing Taxidermy Shop.

They too were kind enough to allow me to snap some photos of some of their amazing work.  Thomasville, Georgia is surrounded by hunting plantations so I am sure they always have work to do.

The below large-mouth bass is very similar to some they have finished for our grandsons.

We were told these coyotes were found locally.

Just across the street from the Taxidermy Shop we see one of the 
most popular restaurants in Thomasville.  It is called Liam's Restaurant.
If interested you can see their Menu online at their website.

And, just next door to Liam's Restaurant is Jonah's Restaurant which is also 
considered one of the best restaurants in Thomasville.
They also have their Menu on their website.

Located a few blocks from downtown is Louie's Seafood Restaurant, 
which is also a very good place for lunch or dinner.

I wish I could show all of the other wonderful restaurants in Thomasville.

                                  Seen in the below photo is "Southern Heritage Fine Furniture."

This furniture store is not located in the downtown area, but I wanted to mention this fine furniture store anyway.  If you are looking for Southern-style traditional furniture, area carpets, wall paintings and accessories this is a wonderful place to shop.

We very much like visiting Thomasville, Georgia and I was so glad to have my camera to try to capture some of the beauty of this lovely little Southern town.

Thanks for coming along with us on our visit through the Thomasville area.  Join us next time when we take a look at some of the interesting places outside of the downtown area.

Wishing you a very nice beginning of a new week wherever you may be.

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