Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fall Has Begun

As we all know it is time for a change of seasons.  Fall officially began here on September 22, 2014 at 10:29 EDT.  It has been a lush green Summer in our area with a lot of gentle rain and also many sunny days.  I do hate to say good-bye to what has been a beautiful Summer, but on the other hand the cooler,  fresher days of Fall are a joy as well.

Almost as if given the signal for change for this first week of Fall,  our evening temperatures changed from the high 70s to the mid 60s.  It is a little unusual to see these cool temperatures this early in the season.  I opened the front door this early morning to let the cat out and was greeted with fresh, very cool breezes blowing in the door.  How nice!

While grocery shopping yesterday it was a joy to see the lovely Fall flowers on display near the produce department.  I gathered a couple of bouquet packages to take home to make a Fall arrangement for the kitchen table.  There were so many pretty flowers that it was hard to choose.

Flowers are so beautiful they speak for themselves.
It is very easy to make a pretty arrangement with these lovely flowers.

I needed something to fill in the hollow spots between the flowers.  After taking a walk around the yard,  the "Boxwood" branches with their delicate little leaves looked like they might be pretty mixed in with the flowers,  I cut several sprigs to add to the flowers and liked the results.

All of these flowers are so pretty,  but the roses are so perfectly exquisite.

The purple flowers are so colorful especially next to the intense green of the Boxwood sprigs.

I do love the "Trees" poem by Joyce Kilmer, especially when he says, "Only God can make a tree."  But looking at these lovely flowers reminds me that only God can make these beautiful flowers and many other things as well.

It is so much fun for me trying to capture the beauty of all these flowers with my camera ... 
Now I can have them forever!

Fall is the time of year when we take some time to travel up to North Carolina to enjoy the beauty of the area and see the leaves change.  Around every bend in the road there can be a beautiful picture waiting to be taken.   It is so much fun to take my camera and try to capture some of the amazing beauty all around us.

We will miss you while we are gone!  Take good care and I hope you are enjoying the beginnings of  Fall and this lovely time of year wherever you may be.

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