Thursday, September 18, 2014

Historic Places in Thomasville, Georgia

In the last two posts here at Sweet Southern Days we visited the historic downtown Thomasville, Georgia  area.   We also drove a few blocks away from downtown to see the amazing old  "Big Oak" tree.

Continuing our tour around Thomasville we next visit "All Saints Episcopal Church."  I enjoyed taking my camera and trying to capture some of these beautiful and historic places in the charming little Southern town of Thomasville, Georgia.

All Saints Episcopal Church
443 South Hansell Street
Thomasville, Georgia

All Saints Episcopal Church is considered one of the oldest and most historic churches in the region.  All Saints was built in the year 1881.  Back then this charming old church was called Saint Augustine Roman Catholic Church. 

When the church was still called Saint Augustine Catholic Church,  shortly after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy,   Jacqueline Kennedy attended mass here while visiting friends at a private plantation in the Thomasville area.

Jacqueline Kennedy 
leaving mass back in the early 1960s
after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
Photo borrowed from the Internet.

     Visitors may visit the beautiful church garden located
on the left side and to the back of the church.

This statue of Saint Francis of Assisi was located just outside of this beautiful garden.   St Francis is often seen with a bird in his hand.  Many stories told about Saint Francis say that he had a great love for animals and the environment.

St. Francis of Assisi
Born 1181 in Italy

The below photo shows inside the garden gates.  It was a beautiful and peaceful garden.

Next, in the below photo we see the Thomas County Courthouse which is located very close to the downtown area.  This beautiful old building was built back in 1858.  This historical building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in June 1970.

Thomas County Courthouse
325 North Madison Street

Come along with us next time when we visit the old historical
Lapham-Patterson House located in this lovely little South Georgia town.

Blessings to you on this beautiful day in this third week of September.

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