Friday, March 13, 2015

Tulips To Brighten The Weekend

Our local Publix grocery store had the most colorful selection of tulips on display as I was grocery shopping yesterday.  It would have been nice to have a bouquet of each color.  I could not resist selecting my most favorite color of them all to bring home to brighten our weekend.

It is so much fun to get my camera and try to capture some 
of the beauty of the amazing gifts the good Lord has given us to enjoy.

The kitchen table seemed to be a good spot to enjoy these "smiles from heaven."

When I first placed the tulips in water they were drooping over, as seen in the first photo, 
 but as evening approached they stood up straight and tall;  possibly because of lighting.

The natural lighting is so much better out on the front porch so I took the tulips
 outside to snap a couple more photos,  hopefully to show the intensity of this beautiful color.

Isn't the good Lord such an artist!
Truly amazing artwork!
We couldn't do this no matter how hard we tried.

We are enjoying much warmer temperatures here in the South with a little rain as a gift to the beginning Springtime flowers.  

The trees are beginning to wake up and have tiny little green leaves starting to grow on their branches.  Mother Nature is doing such a good job as Spring begins to unfold.

Wishing you a beautiful and blessed weekend wherever you may be.

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