Monday, March 30, 2015

The Snowballs Are Blooming

Colonial settlers brought Snowball Viburnum to our country from Europe in the 1600s.  

When we first planted this beautiful flowering tree it was just a little bush.  But, as you see it has grown into a tree.  They say these trees can grow from 12 to 20 feet tall.  

These trees do need full sun to part-shade and do best with protection from the afternoon sun.  We were told the tree needs pruning after flowering to keep it in shape,  but it has grown so tall pruning would be hard to do.

Snowball Viburnum
Growing in our back side yard.

Southern Living Magazine calls this small tree,  "Spring's most elegant flowering shrub."  As you can see, the tree is full of beautiful hydrangea-like blooms.  These large flowers continue blooming from April and on into May.  The flowers start out lime-green and then as they grow larger they become white.

The below photo was taken through the window; 
therefore, the photo is not real clear.

View looking out the back window from the family room


As you can see these flowers do look exactly like hydrangeas.
They make a beautiful flower arrangement that lasts for several days.

I took a walk out in the back yard and cut a few of these beautiful white flowers to brighten up the kitchen table.   As you can see these are very large flowers measuring 6 to 8 inches wide.  They look so beautifully elegant in a large bouquet with multiple colored flowers.

I see different opinions on the hardiness zones for the Snowball Viburnum.  One source says these plants survive nicely in zones 3-8.  And another says 6-9, and then another 4-8.  We are in zone 8.

Spring is filled with the magic we see each year with the beautiful flowering plants and the trees beginning to be covered again in beautiful green leaves ... The whole process is totally amazing and should be called one of the Wonders of the World!!

On this first day after Palm Sunday,  I do wish you a most wonderful beginning of Easter week,  and hope your week is filled with many blessings wherever you may be.

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