Sunday, April 14, 2013

Seaside, Florida ~ Part Three

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In the last post we walked through the neighborhood streets of beautiful Seaside, sightseeing along the charming streets, enjoying the beautiful homes and cottages with their picket fences and inviting front porches.

 One of the larger homes in the Seaside neighborhood.

One of the charming things about the Seaside neighborhood is all of the picket fences.

Of course the real magnet for the Seaside area is the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.   The developer of Seaside nicely planned the neighborhood streets so residents could very conveniently walk to the end of their roadway, cross the street and enter into one of the uniquely designed Seaside pavilions. 

The pavilions set the stage for a dramatic entrance to the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico.  They are also an oasis to sit and enjoy the glorious views of the turquoise sea, sit and read a good book,  or have a snack and feel the cool, soft breezes from the beach.

There are nine pavilions altogether.  In the Part One post about Seaside we saw the most visible pavilion in the area:

The Coleman Pavilion
and the entrance to the beach.

The next pavilion we visited was  
The Pensacola Pavilion
 Another entrance to the beach.

The Natchez Pavilion
Another entrance to the beach.

The West Ruskin Pavilion
Another entrance to the beach.

The Tupelo Beach Pavilion
Another entrance to the beach.

 A pretty Lantana Bush along the way to the Tupelo Beach Pavilion

 The view from the top of each pavilion was amazing.

The Coleman Pavilion at sunset.

It was time for our Seaside beach adventure to come an end 
and travel on back home to Tallahassee.  

Traveling across Highway 331 north toward Interstate 10 we were just in time to see the 
sunset at the end of a wonderful day.

It was a real pleasure to explore all around Seaside, Florida and to try to capture some of the beauty all around the area with my camera.  Of course there was so much more to see, but hopefully you were able to get a feeling from some of the pictures of the beauty, charm and quaintness of this little "sea side" town in the north-west corner of the panhandle of Florida.

I'm so glad you joined us on our little adventure to the seashore and surely do wish you many blessings wherever you may be.

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  1. This is one of my favorite places on earth. I've had the opportunity to visit and stay at a few of the homes and I always make time for at least a visit when I'm in the area. Thanks for sharing! Ann in TN