Friday, April 12, 2013

Seaside, Florida ~ Part Two

If you joined us in the last post you got a feeling for what downtown Seaside was like with the shops, restaurants, post office and amphitheater grounds.

Also, in the downtown area, facing Highway 30A is Seaside's newest addition.  There are vintage Airstream travel trailers which house "restaurants on wheels."  They are sitting right next to the sidewalk where bicyclists and joggers happen by constantly.  They are a nice, quick and convenient stop-off for anyone who needs a quick refreshing drink or a bite to eat while they are on the go.

 We tried the B-B-Q Chicken and Pork and it was very good!

One of my favorite things to see are old houses or reproduction old houses.  What a treat it was driving through the neighborhood streets of Seaside.  If you like charming houses as much as I do you will love seeing all these adorable colorful cottages and homes.

Originally the developer of Seaside wished to create a town reminiscent of old Florida towns where folks sat on their front porches and chatted with neighbors walking by.  Back then people could walk to the post office, the library or the grocery store.

He wanted to create that kind of town using Florida cracker architecture, which features small wood fame houses with big porches.

How about this colorful front porch.  It just beckons you to come sit and visit.

So many of the cottages were so colorful!

Notice the robin egg blue color on the ceiling of the below home.  That color is so pretty along with the soft pastel yellow and white trim ... How pretty!

What a pretty home!

Most every home and cottage in Seaside had a charming picket fence.

I LOVED this beautiful pink house.  And, who would think to add an orange door, but it looks really nice.

And then to make things even more cheerfully colorful,  they added these lime-green chairs on the front porch.  Some people are so artistic ... I would never have thought of all these pretty colors together.

Most of the streets throughout the whole town of Seaside have this hometown charm.

Some of the homes were very large and beautiful.

I would love to see the below rose vine in bloom.

A lot of the homes had side garden patios as in the below photo.

What a cute little birdhouse.  It looks like a MacKenzie-Childs style.

       This pretty blue colored cottage sure caught my eye.  I love blue and white together.

How about that pretty wood-working artwork above the door. 

In the below photo,  how about this  cute little mini-cottage,  complete with inviting front patio.

Right in the heart of the neighborhood  is this simple and beautiful Seaside Interfaith Chapel.  Services are held each Sunday at 10:00 AM. 

A popular church for weddings

Another charming mini-cottage.

A pretty gazebo in the neighborhood.

Would love to see the view from this cottage tower.

In the below photo there were paths like this with trails linking one street to another.

There are a lot of trees in the neighborhood and in the below photo the trees made it difficult to totally appreciate the colors on this beautiful cottage. Green, blue, yellow, pink and white all blending together for a charming color scheme.

I loved these blue adirondack chairs.

This simple little yard art American Flag caught my eye.

All of the homes and cottages all along the streets were so charming and so different.

As you can see in the below photo there is a nice sidewalk for walking and bicycling and then a narrow roadway for cars.
Someone at this house is an FSU fan.  Yea! FSU!

What a pretty garden in the front yard of this beautiful home.

There were so many amazingly beautiful homes in the Seaside nieghborhood.  I have captured a few of these homes with my camera, to show you the diversity and charm of this area.  A lot of these homes are privately owned and then a lot of them are also on the rental program.

Thank you for coming along as we strolled through the streets of this charming little Americana town.

I hope you will join us for Part Three as we travel back across the main street and visit some of the beach side landmarks.

I do hope you  are having a blessed day wherever you may be.

(Please scroll way down to see Part One - Down By The Seashore ~ Seaside, Florida ~ Part One)

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  1. I love this place, always have! Makes me happy to see all the colors and all the cute things around all the homes, great neighborhood!! thanks for sharing this beauty!