Monday, April 22, 2013

The Katrina Rose (Peggy Martin Rose)

Spring is here and some of the Old Garden Roses are beginning to bloom.  I especially like the Old Garden Roses because they need very little care.  They usually bloom only once in the Spring, but the glory of all those blossoms while in full bloom is totally worth the wait.

Awhile back I was reading an article in Southern Living Magazine about The Katrina Rose ... The rose that survived the extremely destructive category three hurricane that came through New Orleans back in late August of 2005.  Remember all the flooding associated with that hurricane!  There is quite a story about the survival of what they call The Katrina Rose or the Peggy Martin Rose.   If you would like to read about it,  here is the link to the article in Southern Living Magazine:

There is an amazing story about this hardy rose.  Apparently during the Katrina hurricane  in 2005 this rose continued to survive after having been completely flooded with 20 feet of salt water in the garden of Miss Peggy Martin.  You will find another link to this story as you scroll down.

The Katrina Rose is not an exquisite tea-rose, but it is a very pretty climbing Old Garden Rose that has that old country look.   I ended up ordering two Katrina Roses three Springs ago,  and this is what they look like today arched over the arbor out in our back side yard.  Most roses require at least 6 hours of sunlight each day.  We have so much shade in our yard I know this rose does not get a full six hours of sunshine.  It would probably have grown much more if it did get more sun.

There is another article about The Katrina Rose (or some  call it The Peggy Martin Rose) in the below link.

This rose is available in several Old Garden Rose Nurseries:

And there are several more nurseries that have this rose available, I just included the nurseries I am familiar with.

We all have been anxiously awaiting Springtime and now it is here in all it's glory.  It is so much fun to look around and see all of the flowers blooming and the grass and trees so beautifully lush and green.

I wanted to share this pretty little rose with you just in case you might like it as much as I do.  This rose is sure a testimony to the hardiness of Mother Nature.

Wishing you special days wherever you may be.

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