Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wellingtons or "Wellies"

This time of year it is so much fun to work in the garden and around in the yard.  Very often I find myself outside doing all kinds of little gardening projects.  We live very close to the woods and it is hard to step anywhere without being close to poison ivy or poison oak.  There is also a problem here in North Florida with a heavy tick population.

I have found the solution to protecting myself from the poison ivy and the ticks ...  A few years ago I started wearing those wonderful tall Wellington boots and they do protect from the poison ivy.    I spray the foot and ankle section of the boots with bug spray, and that also takes care of the ticks and prevents them from climbing up and taking an unwanted piggy back ride.

After a few years,  my old Wellingtons wore out and I went looking for another pair.  The new boots arrived the other day and they were so pretty I just had to share them with you. I wanted to let you know where I got them just in case you too would like some pretty boots to work in your garden.

Wellingtons or some may call them, "Wellies."

Wellington boots are practical and waterproof, and are most often made with a heavy rubber product.  They sure help when working around in the yard with wet grass from watering plants, or even walking in the mud.  I really will hate to see mud collect all around those pretty pink soles though.

These boots remind me of what one might find someplace deep in the heart of England.  According to what I can find out from Mr. Google,  Wellington type boots did originate in England when the first Duke of Wellington first started wearing them for hunting and outdoor wear.  They became very popular with the British aristocracy in the early 19th century and now continue to be popular everywhere.

Those Wellingtons in the above photos are really prissy and would not appeal to everyone, so fortunately they do come in all types of patterns and colors.  Our local Stein Mart has several different patterns available.  But, I did not get the Wellingtons in the above photos from Stein Mart ... I ordered them from a catalog that comes here to our home from time to time.  The link is:

I actually ordered a full size bigger than I normally wear so I can easily slip them off and on.  If you don't like the above style, they have others to choose from which you will be able to see if you choose to visit the above site. 

Also, L.L. Bean has a wonderful selection of the original hunter green Wellingtons for adults and adorable boots for children as well.  I love the original hunter green.

I sound like a commercial, but no, I just wanted to share a little loveliness with you.

I do hope you have been doing well and that life is good for you wherever you may be.


  1. Oh, how pretty! I may order some to wear for my "off the beaten path" photo shoots.

  2. Oh! Janie, I am so glad you like them. We are kindred spirits! If you do get them have someone snap a photo of you traipsing through the high weeds somewhere. What fun!