Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Gift Chocolate Fudge Recipe

It is such a special time of year as we all scurry around trying to get everything just right for the celebration of Christmas.  It is a thrilling, magical time, probably because we are all so busy thinking of others.  And, we are filled with the spirit of hope in our lives as we are reminded of "the reason for the season."

I was in the middle of making this recipe when I realized this might be a good item to share with you.
Therefore, I did not set out all the ingredients in advance and take a photo to demonstrate.  But, I thought it was worth sharing anyway.

If you are associated with a large group such as a Book Club or in my case a Garden Club group, or for a school classroom group for your children, and want to remember each person with a little something to tell them how much they mean to you.....this might work for you.

We have 22 members in our Garden Circle, so I decided to make Chocolate Fudge and double the recipe.

We have recently gotten a Hobby Lobby here in Tallahassee and they have the most beautiful Christmas wrap, ribbons and lots and lots of other beautiful Christmas items.  I ran over and picked up some of these plastic gift bags which were 20 for $1.99 with 50% off.  They also had the most adorable gift tags with many different choices; again 50% off.  Don't you just love it when you feel like you are saving on an item even if it is a small item.   Oh! yes, I also got some of that ribbon in red and green that is narrow and easy to curl with the edge of the scissors. 

Now on to the recipe.....We have had this recipe forever......Do not even remember where I originally got this recipe, and have been making this Chocolate Fudge ever since the children were very little.  If you like sweets.....you are going to love it!  So here it is:

Chocolate Fudge Recipe

3 cups sugar                                                         1 (12 oz.) package chocolate chips
3/4 cup butter                                                       1  (7 oz.) jar marshmallow cream (in the baking isle)
2/3 cup fat-free evaporated milk                          1 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup chopped pecans.
  • Combine sugar, butter and milk.  Bring to rolling boil, stirring constantly.
  • Set your timer.....boil 5 minutes only,  over medium heat.
  • Immediately stir in vanilla, chocolate chips and marshmallow cream. 
  • Stir until chocolate chips are melted, and marshmallow cream is completely blended.
  • Add chopped nuts.
  • Pour into a greased 13 x 9 dish.
  • Cool and cut into serving squares.
This is a quick, easy and delicious treat.  If you make this recipe I hope you enjoy it as much as our family has over the years.

So for me,  I'm off to the Garden Club Luncheon.  I hope you are having fun scurrying around getting everything checked off your list and enjoying this wonderful, blessed season.

Merry Christmas to you wherever you may be.  Please come back for a visit anytime.

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