Sunday, December 30, 2012

Canon EOS 6D Camera with 24-105 L-Series Lens - Sample Photos

A couple of days ago I shared with you that Santa left a Canon 6D Camera under the Christmas tree with my name on the pretty package.....Can you imagine what fun that was!  Santa is so extremely thoughtful.   I mentioned also, that as soon as time permitted, I would go around and take some sample-photos to show you. I did take some pictures, but without taking the time to read any instructions. I put the camera setting on "automatic" and started snapping. 

Our daughter Debi arrived from South Florida shortly after Christmas with our twin grandchildren,  eight year old Ethan and Elly.  And, as you can imagine, with three of the "joys of my life" visiting, I have not taken any time to read camera instructions.   But, I am looking forward to doing just that and learning more.

My sister Betti painted the snowman below and gave him to us as a gift many, many years ago.  I LOVE him and enjoy looking at him each year and remembering my sister's thoughtful gift to us.

As these photos will demonstrate, I really need to work on, and understand the focus points.  As you can see in the below photo, the Caroler in the white hat and red dress in the middle, is the only one in  focus.

My daughter Sharon was helping with the Christmas party for second grade and decided to decorate the water bottles she was bringing for the children.  Can you tell you are looking at three Rudolphs?  How cute!

This Santa Christmas tree ornament has been around for many years.  He was made from felt when the children were very little.  He is not in real sharp focus.

This little felt snowman has been around just as long as the above Santa.  In the below photo the snowman's head is in fairly good focus, but the rest of the body begins to blur......It will be fun learning how to do better.

Below are just some snapshots of items found around the house while testing for sharpness.

           Old patchwork door wreath made many years ago when the children were very little.

My daughter Stephanie in the below photo asked me if I would take a family photo for her husband's family.  I told her about my lack of knowledge about the camera and she said not to worry because it was all in fun and we would hope for the best.

I thought this photo of her turned out fairly sharp....sharper than my old camera.  She said the camera was sharper than she would wish for,  because it shows up all her flaws.....I could not help but wonder, what flaws!

Our daughter Stephanie's in-laws gave permission for me to show their pictures.  That is Dillon and Chase, two of our grandson's on the left.  They spent these last 3 days after Christmas up in Livingston, Alabama hunting with their other grandfather.  They absolutely love to hunt.

This is Stephanie's husband's brother and family.  I love the dad's pose....he reminds me of the dads in the old-time photos.  What a sweet family.

The family was pleased with the photos and the camera was somehow easier to focus with a large group.

Stephanie and Family.

 This is a shot of the dining room table on Christmas day.....Dinner was almost ready.

Again the Christmas Cactus flower in the middle is the only one in focus which is OK here, but I need to find out how to focus everything in the photo just in case I did want everything to be focused.

Again, in the below photo,  just the cookie in the middle is in focus.

Again, in the bottom photo,  only the middle HO HO is in focus.

A vase sitting in the dining room window.

Christmas cross-stitch pillow.

This little guy is so furry I can't tell if he is in focus or not!

Front porch wall wreath.

Available-light Nutcrackers on the hutch in the dining room.

Mr. and Mrs. Snowman waiting patiently for dinner to begin.

  Christmas tea pitcher.

I used flash with this one.  I know everyone says flash is a no-no, but it sure does make the colors pop out.  This Christmas tree ornament was a gift from our daughter Sharon and family a few years ago....I love it!  Guess you can see why!!

Well!  That will give you an idea of what the automatic setting for this Canon 6D will do.  I am not a real photographer, just a hobby photographer and overall I am fairly pleased with the results of this camera.  It will be fun learning more and more as I go along, and hopefully getting better pictures as well.

One additional point about this camera......Of all things, it does not have a built-in flash, so I added a Speedlite 270 EX II flash, which seems to work fairly well.

Well!  Just two more days left in this year 2012......I hope to use them well visiting with the children and grandchildren.  I hope all is well with you and that you too are enjoying the last little bit of 2012 wherever you may be.  


  1. Absolutely beautiful pictures (and people!) ... each and every one! I think you've graduated from being a "hobby photographer," Pat!

    I look forward to seeing more of your photos as you learn more about your 6D.

    Santa left me a new Canon 5D under the tree, so I, too, will be practicing and learning how to use it. My first attempts (without reading the instructions) didn't turn out as well as yours, but I was using a Canon macro lens and I've never mastered using it. I'm waiting for the new Canon 24-70 lens with image stabilization to become available, and I hope I'll do better with it.

    Happy shooting, Pat ... I can't wait to see more of your pictures.

  2. Janie, How nice to hear you of all people like my pictures....that is truly a compliment. How exciting you got a new camera too. Can't wait to see your photos.

    Yes, I traded in my old 24-70 and got the new 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM lens....probably should have waited for the image stabilization lens you are waiting for. They were saying such good things about the II, I could not resist.
    Have not had time to test it very much, but look forward to seeing how photos turn out.

    Happy New Year, Janie