Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Very Happy Birthday 2016

It was always such special fun for me as a child celebrating my birthday.  My brothers and sisters and I enjoyed Halloween and dressing-up, and going trick-or-treating.  Then, the very next day we celebrated my birthday.  As a child it did not get much better than that ... except,  of course ... Christmas time.

Now celebrating a birthday is even more special as the family has grown and there are lots of loved ones sharing in the fun and making memories together.

Our daughter Debi and family in South Florida could not be joining us, but she very thoughtfully sent this beautiful Happy Birthday bouquet as seen in the below photo. 

I could not believe how beautiful this Fall arrangement was.  Of course, this was a perfect opportunity to try to capture these lovely flowers forever with my camera.

The bouquet was filled with lots of different flowers which included lovely red roses and a mixture of  Fall colored Chrysanthemums, and even some Fall colored lilies and leaves.  I loved the ceramic "pumpkin" vase, which will be a forever keepsake.

Our daughter later told me she had ordered this beautiful arrangement from FTD.  If you would like to have the website where this arrangement, and many other beautiful arrangements are available, you can click on the link below:

I LOVED these flowers in the pumpkin vase.  They arrived a couple of days before the birthday party.  As you can see in the below photo, by the time we got together for the birthday party, the lilies in the arrangement had opened and looked so pretty.

The floral arrangement made a very nice centerpiece for the dining room 
birthday party table,  seen in the below photo.

And then our daughter Sharon and grandson Lawson made the most magnificent Happy Birthday Cake.
As you can see in the below photo they made a four-layer cake,  and Lawson put a surprise inside.

That is grandson Lawson and daughter Sharon in the below photo.

I think this is the most amazing Happy Birthday Cake I have ever had and 
Lawson and his mom made it from the ground up.

In the below photo we see my husband, the birthday girl and grandson Lawson.
The "Happy Birthday" on the cake lit up and flashed.

Sharon used a wedding cake recipe she found on Pinterest.  Then she and Lawson used their creativity and filled the inside of the cake with Butterfingers candy because they know it is my favorite candy ... Now, isn't that so very thoughtful. Filling the cake with Butterfingers was Lawson's job and he loved helping to make that part of the cake.

Two of our daughters live here in town and it was wonderful having them here on a special day.

And, while all of the family could not be here, it was so special to have the members of the 
family who live here in town come to celebrate.

In the below photo, to the left,  is daughter Stephanie, (her husband John is taking the picture.)  Then son-in-law Charlie, daughter Sharon, the birthday girl, my husband, grandsons Dillon, Ryan and Chase (they belong to Stephanie and John).  In the front, grandsons Preston and Lawson (they belong to Sharon and Charlie) ...  

They have two other brothers ... the oldest brother John Scott is away at Troy University in Troy, Alabama.   The next to oldest brother is Will who is away in Japan doing modeling.

Also missing from the picture is Debi and family, and Carmen and family in South Florida, a son Carson and family in South Carolina and daughter DNai and family in Kentucky.  But they were all with us in spirit.

How wonderful it was to share this special day and celebrate with family.

Each birthday is a new beginning.  During the next year it will be fun for me to get my camera as 
often as possible and try to capture some of the amazing beauty all around us.

As we remember our Veterans and all of their sacrifices, we wish you a special weekend with many
blessings wherever you may be.

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