Thursday, November 17, 2016

Visiting The Apple Barn ~ Delicious Apple Bread Recipe

As we drove through north Georgia and entered into the little down of Ellijay, on a recent trip back home from leaf-looking in the mountains of North Carolina, we spotted two apple barns just across the street from each other.  We were curious and wanted to stop and take a look. 

As you can see there were lots and lots of pumpkins as well.

You can see more pumpkins just outside of one of the barns 
and a place for children to play and have fun.

Both barns were full of all kinds of apples.

And other items as well.
As you can see it is peanut and sweet potato season as well.
It is the "raw peanuts" that are used for boiled peanuts, which is a very popular Southern treat.

There were apples for as far as you can see.

And more apples ... We purchased the "Pink Lady" and the 
"Granny Smith" which are some of our favorites for cooking.

Below we see a photo of the recipe made with some of the Granny Smith apples.  
The recipe is called:  Warm Apple Pie Bread with Cinnamon.

This turned out to be one of the most delicious recipes I have ever made and is so simple and easy and a very nice recipe for Fall.  My husband LOVED this delicious apple bread.

If you are interested you can click on the link below to see the details of this recipe ... 

If you try this recipe I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Hope you are having a wonderful week and enjoying these lovely Fall days.  

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