Monday, November 7, 2016

Fall Photos 2016 🍁🍁🍁

Hello Everyone.  Wow! Time gallops by and here we are into the heart of Fall.  We have had our first little touch of Fall cooler temperatures here in the South ... Not too cold,  just a little chilly.  On days like this, it is good to open the doors and windows and let the fresh, cool air come sweeping inside.

It is nice to have a screen door to keep the critters out and let the fresh, cool air inside.

Each October my husband and I take time to visit our mountain cabin in North Carolina.  It is a lot of fun for me to take my camera and try to capture some of the beautiful sights along the way.   

We live only about nine miles south of the Georgia State Line.  As we entered into Georgia we could see that many of the cotton fields along the way had been harvested.  We did see several fields that have not been harvested yet.  If you would like to see some of those South Georgia cotton fields from a previous Sweet Southern Days post you can click on the link below:

Driving toward Interstate 75, we entered into the little town of Omega, Georgia.   Omega is about an hour-and-forty-minute drive from home.  As we passed the Omega Cotton Gin we could see the huge bales of cotton that had already been harvested and apparently already been through the ginning process.

Map compliments of Mr. Google.

  It is always quite a sight to see all of the harvested cotton all packaged and ready for the next step.

These huge bales of cotton below do not look like they have gone into the cotton gin yet.

We continued on our way through Georgia and on into North Carolina arriving at the cabin.

Map seen below is compliments of Mr. Google also.

It is always fun to arrive and drive up the steep mountain graveled road to reach the cabin.

Some of the leaves on the trees had just begun to turn.  
I think it is so pretty to see all the different colors on each leaf.

And then some other trees were even more colorful.

If you notice in the background on the mountain, lots of trees have
 begun to change, and are very colorful.

A very colorful tree on the back hill. 

The below photo was taken from the top of the back hill.

It is nice to sit here on the front porch in the cool breeze and see the 
beauty of the mountains all around us.

This is the view looking out from the front porch.  It was a beautiful clear and cool day.

In the below photo the table is all set in preparation for dinner with mountain friends who live across the mountain.  We purchased this pretty Fall tablecloth,  seen on the table in the below photo, from a store we visited in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  The store is called Mr. Tablecloth And More.  This tablecloth and many more are available from the below website.  

And,  if you would like to see the Sweet Southern Days post about 
Mr. Tablecloth And More,  you can click on the link below:

The tablecloth store in Gatlinburg has moved from their original location, but can still be found in Gatlinburg and also in Pigeon Forge, and online, as in the above link.  It is a real treat to visit this interesting store.

I love the simple table arrangement with a vase of beautiful Fall 
leaves cut from trees up on the back hill behind the cabin.

We had a nice time having dinner and visiting with mountain friends.  We later 
enjoyed a delicious Apple Crisp for dessert as seen in the below photo.

Another mountain neighbor visited and brought gourds and potatoes directly from his garden. I was amazed to see what he had grown.  It would be so much fun to try to grow these; maybe next year.

It had gotten so chilly in the mountains we could even enjoy a fire in the fireplace in the daytime.

In the below photo we see a close-up of the pretty Fall Chrysanthemum 
we purchased at Walmart on the way to the cabin.

Snowbird Mountain Lodge is a charming old Inn tucked away back in the mountains just outside of the little town of Robinsville, NC.  This Lodge is not too far away from our mountain cabin.  We love to visit and have dinner in this beautiful and charming location.  If you would like to see more information click on a previous post from Sweet Southern Days.

Below we see a photo of the main Lodge.

Outside patio.

We were fortunate enough to be able to get early dinner reservations at the Lodge.
The below photo shows the main Dining Room.

It is a completely charming event to have dinner in this old historical setting.
I took a photo of the delicious salad and after that totally forgot the camera.

As I mentioned in my previous post about Snowbird Lodge, folks enjoy visiting out on the patio in the nice cool mountain air, sitting in the rocking chairs and visiting with other guests.  When we left our cabin for the evening we left the porch lights on so we could see them from Snowbird Lodge.

 To the center right in the below photo you can see our cabin porch lights shining in the evening haze.

When we arrived back to the cabin we sat on the front porch in the cool mountain air and enjoyed the moon coming up over the mountains.   I have no idea how to take a night photo, but the camera seemed to know what to do.  Can't you just feel the mountain breezes ....

There are lots more Fall photos to share, but I don't want to make this post too long.  
Come join us next time as we see more photos in this beautiful mountain area.

Wishing you many blessings and I do hope you are enjoying these beautiful 
Fall days wherever you may be.

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