Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Fall In Americana 🍁🍁🍁

Each Fall we travel to North Carolina to spend time in the beautiful mountains and see the tree leaves changing colors.  It is s special treat to see the large and brilliant multi-colored trees as the leaves turn from green to gold, rust and red.

I saw a quote the other day by Albert Camus who said,  "Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."  I never thought of Autumn like that, but how true that is when we see the the beauty of the Fall leaves.

I love to take my camera and try to capture some of the beauty all around us.  As we visited in the  North Carolina town of Robbinsville, North Carolina we spotted these beautiful trees seen below.

In these photos we see some of the many colorful trees 
in the downtown area.

How pretty the leaves are on these trees.

As we drove around town  I spotted this old barn with vines covering the walls.

Just a simple vine can be so pretty!

During our visit to the mountains each Fall we love to take a drive over to the old tourist town of Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  Gatlinburg is definitely a huge tourist trap, but we don't mind at all being "trapped."  Everything in the town is so festive and fun and all decorated for Fall.

Wherever we travel I am always on the look-out for the beauty around us to capture with my camera.

We attended a craft show in the area.  Just outside of the craft-tent we 
spotted this amazing multi-colored tree.

Aren't those leaves incredible!

It is so pretty to see the many different colors on some of the leaves.

As you can see this particular tree in the below photo was beginning to 
lose some of it's leaves, but it was still magnificent.

Traveling on our way through the little town of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee on Highway 321 we spotted this very picturesque field of freshly harvested bales of hay.  If you look off in the distance you can see the many trees at the base of the mountains with the multi-colored leaves.

It was so pretty to see the clouds drifting over the mountains.

And, not too far away we spotted this old country barn.

The Dogwood tree in the below photo was losing it's leaves too.

As we drove south on Highway 321 toward Townsend, Tennessee we spotted this colorful Fall display.

Nicely decorated front porch at this old farmhouse-style restaurant.

Breakfast at this charming old restaurant was very good.

And, again, the tree seen in the below photo was beginning 
to lose a lot of leaves, but it was still pretty.

There is something about old barns that always catch my eye.  
Love the colorful tree to the left of the barn and the newly harvested hay.

We took a side road that looked interesting ... Along the way this old tractor with the colorful trees in the background caught my eye.  Someone had been working hard cutting all that grass up on the hill; did not see anyone, so they must have been taking a break from the grass cutting.

It was so much fun to sightsee and try to capture some of the beauty with my camera.

           It was interesting to see these rural homes surrounded with colorful Fall foliage. 

As we left the Townsend, Tennessee area we looked for the Foothills Parkway 
to take us across the mountain back to our cabin in Robbinsville.

In the below photo we spotted this picturesque valley.

The Good Lord is such an amazing artist.  How blessed we are to have this kind of beauty to enjoy.

The Historic Tapoco Lodge was along our route on Highway 129.  We decided to stop in and have an early dinner.  As you can see the Lodge was nicely decorated with Fall pumpkins and flowers.

The Grille at the Lodge had a very nice casual menu and we enjoyed having dinner there.

This cute sign in the restaurant caught my eye.

Below we see a photo of the outside of the Grille.  
The weather was cool so most folks were dining inside.

If you look to the left-middle of the above photo you can spot 
the creek that runs along the back of the Lodge.
And in the below photo we get a closer look.

More Fall decorations around the Lodge.

In the below photo we see the back of Tapoco Lodge as seen from
Highway 129 as we were driving away.

Thank you for traveling with us as we enjoy this beautiful Fall season.
Wishing you many more beautiful days and special blessings.

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