Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A January Flower

Happy New Year 2013 
Today is the very first day of the New Year.....what a special day!    

For many, it is a day to begin again with a clean slate,  with wonderful new opportunities and good intentions.  I wish you good luck with whatever your New Year's resolutions may be.

It has been such a busy time with the holidays being here, I have not taken the time to get outside and look at the Camellias in bloom at this time of year.   It looks like the extreme cold we have had for the last couple of days has nipped them pretty good, but as you can see in the below picture some of them escaped the frost.

Camellias are a popular Southern plant with their evergreen foliage.  They flower in the winter when most everything else is sleeping.  They have beautiful ruffled blossoms and come in various shades of pink, white, red and multi-colors.

Camellias are traditionally thought of as a Deep South plant, but actually they were first grown in China and Japan and then England before being brought to the United States.  In 1741 Camellias were given as a gift to the owner of Middleton Plantation, which is just outside Charleston, South Carolina.

The Middleton Place Plantation, where the first Camellias were grown,  claims the title as "America's oldest landscaped gardens."  If you would like to know more about Middleton Place their website is:

Wish I could tell you the name of this multi-colored Camellia growing in our side yard. My husband planted this bush many years ago.  Notice there are no blossoms around the bottom of the plant....We see lots of deer in the yard and think they are the reason there are no blossoms on this portion of the bush.

Thank you for dropping by for a visit. 

 I do wish you the very best New Year, with many blessings, wherever you may be.

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