Monday, January 28, 2013

Cedar Key Sunset and Moonrise

We took a quick drive down to Tampa, Florida on Friday for a meeting, and then drove back on Saturday.  We enjoyed driving the back roads and taking our time.   We included a quick detour down to the little town of Cedar Key on the west coast of Florida.

We had never been there before and were delighted to see how picturesque and charming the little tourist town was.  It is a very little town with only 800 residents.

As we drove into the area the sun was going down....we almost missed the sunset.

As you can see it was a beautiful evening with a full moon rising.

There were so many other picture opportunities, but it was getting dark.  This little fellow looked like he was enjoying the evening.

Cedar Key is only about a three hour drive from Tallahassee so we definitely plan to go back when we have more time to visit and sight see around.

Hope you had a very nice weekend too wherever you may be.

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