Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Woodworking Gifts

A special friend of ours loves to do woodworking art in his spare time.  Each Christmas he gives our family, including each of our children, a wooden Christmas tree ornament. He lovingly makes these uniquely beautiful ornaments in his woodworking shop at his home up in Byron, Georgia.

Back in August, I did a post featuring his woodworking art.  You will find the link below if you would like to take a look.

Below is a photo I took one evening just before Christmas at our daughter's home.  I thought it was so cute the way she took all of her wooden gift ornaments and placed them on her little Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. 

We have similar ornaments as in the above photo.  Many years ago he made the two ornaments in the below photos.  The detail is so beautiful and something I thought you might like to see.
Can you see the little green Christmas tree inside the ornament?  It even sparkles!

 And then, look at the turned details of this beautiful ornament.

Other woodworking gifts we received from our friend this year are in the below photos.
Can you believe this beautiful box with a top that fits perfectly.

This box is made from many different kinds of wood including 
oak, maple, black walnut, cherry and poplar.

We have a set of these candle holders our friend made for the mountain cabin in North Carolina.  He knew how much we loved them and made a set for our home.  These pedestal candle holders are made from a locust tree that fell in the road in North Carolina.  He salvaged the wood as he does with all the wood he uses.  A locust tree is an extremely hard wood,  often used to make rustic split-rail fencing.  These candle holders should last forever.

 I love the way he left the natural bark at the top of the candle holder.

 This is the mantel in our family room.  I think this is a perfect spot for them.

 This beautiful bowl was also made with the same multiple woods as previously described.

 Isn't this such a treasure!

We don't have much luck having blue birds visit our yard, even though we have open spaces.  I feel sure as soon as they see this beautiful new home they will move right in and stay awhile.
Of course our friend made this birdhouse also.

Some people are so talented and I thought you might like to see some of this additional woodworking art.  So many people have told our friend he should go into business......But, he says, "No, then it would not be fun."

I'm going to plunge into some detailed house-cleaning and will be absent for a week or so. 

I hope you are enjoying these early days of the new year.   Bless you wherever you may be.


  1. Pat, your friend is a very talented artist. I know you treasure all of those one-of-a-kind gifts.

    Enjoy your house cleaning ... I need to do some organizing in our attic, after getting all the Christmas stuff put up. I hope I will get inspired soon, because now is a good time to do it while it's cool up there.

    Hurry back ... I'm going to miss your beautiful pictures and sweet stories!

  2. Thank you Janie for the sweet words about the woodwork gifts. I will pass your thoughtful comments along to our friend.

    So glad you enjoy the pictures and is lots of fun to share!

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