Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Oyster Stew Recipe

On a recent weekend my husband and I took the time to drive over to Panama City, Florida with the thought in mind of finding a good seafood restaurant.  We found a small little restaurant called  "Dee's Hang Out Restaurant."   This restaurant is directly across from the beachfront area which many years ago was called the "Hang Out."  My husband as a teenager often visited the area with some of his friends.  It was a simple covered patio with a dance floor, jukebox and snack bar.  Of course all that has changed and now the teenage "hang out" has been replaced by skyscraper condos.

While at the restaurant we had the pleasure of talking with Dee the owner.  He told us his mother was one of the teenagers who hung out at the "hang out" and her memories were what inspired him to name his restaurant.  We would give this restaurant a 5-star rating because our meals were so delicious.  The surroundings were simple with not a lot of fluff, but it was amazingly good and was completely filled with customers.

I have never gotten close enough to an oyster to find out if they are good or not ... And, for sure I never will!  But, my husband loves them.  He was glad to see Oyster Stew on the menu and enjoyed it very much.

Driving back from Panama City to Tallahassee through the small coastal towns there were several fresh seafood markets.  Of course we stopped to pick up some seafood to bring back home including oysters.  I had the thought in mind of trying to make some of that Oyster Stew my husband enjoyed back at Dee's Hang Out Restaurant.

I found this below recipe on the Paula Dean website and changed it a little bit by adding celery and additional oysters.

Oyster Stew

I thought you oyster lovers out there might like to have this recipe as well, so here it is:

Oyster Stew Recipe
2 green onions, chopped, plus additional sliced green onions for garnish
1/4 cup celery
2 tablespoons butter
12 ounces fresh raw oysters, undrained (I used 16 ounces)
1 quart half-and-half or whole milk (I used fat-free half-and-half)
1/4 teaspoon each of salt and pepper
1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper
Crackers, for serving
Sliced green onions, for garnish

Saute onion and celery in butter until tender.  Add the remaining ingredients.  Cook over low heat until edges of oysters begin to curl and mixture is hot, but not boiling.  Serve stew with crackers and garnish with sliced green onions.

And that is it!  A very simple and easy to make recipe and my husband said it was as good as at the restaurant.

If you decide to make this recipe, I hope you enjoy it too. 

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