Monday, January 28, 2013

Wild Bird Food Suet Recipe

In the below photo, to the left on the edge of the bird feeder,  you can see the Mockingbird who spent a good bit of the day visiting.  Often he would sit as he is now looking out from the feeder.  I tried to get a really good photo of him, but he had other ideas, and was not interested in staying put long enough for me to get a nice picture of him.

This is a quick shot of him before he took off again.  Can you see him there to the left, sitting directly under the rose that happened to be growing into the feeder.  (Yes, it is time to prune the roses.)

 This is a quick shot of the Mockingbird just before he took off again.

Considering how cold it has been here, it was surprising to see this pretty little single rose blooming.  The covered bird feeder probably helped the rose survive.  Also, a little bee stopped by .... see him on the top left portion of the feeder?

Since I was not able to get a good shot of the Mockingbird today I went back to my picture files and found the below photo taken at another time of a Mockingbird who did want to pose for his picture.  Isn't he so pretty!  Those tiny feet must get so cold these days....I do wonder what they do about that.

The Mockingbird is the state bird of not only Florida,  but also of Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas.  If they are not eating suet at home bird feeders they are out eating insects, earthworms, weed seeds, and wild ripe berries and probably lots of other things they find out there.   They are  best known for their habit of mimicking other song birds and even the sounds of insects.

I found out the secret of attracting Mockingbirds to the bird feeder ...... I began to notice the Mockingbirds visited the feeder at times when we added suet.  Then, later when it was gone,  we would not see them. 

With that thought in mind I thought I would share a wild bird food suet recipe I have made for the birds off and on for a couple of years.   Many birds, not just Mockingbirds really do enjoy this suet treat. 

Wild Bird Food Suet Recipe

  • 1  cup EACH of peanut butter, Crisco, oatmeal, wild bird seed, raisins, and peanuts
  • 1/2  cup whole wheat flour
  • 1 and 1/2 cups cornmeal
  • In a large pot over low heat,  melt the Crisco and peanut butter. (It melts quickly)
  • Remove from heat and mix in all of the above dry ingredients.
  • Pour the suet into a greased 13 x 9 x 2 dish.  (I used Pam spray.)
  • Let cool,  harden,  and then cut into the size portions of suet you will need.
  • Store in a Ziploc bag and place in freezer.
  • When ready to use defrost and place in bird feeder.
For some reason we have had low numbers of birds at the feeder for a couple of months.  With Springtime right around the corner I am sure they will be back.   And, it might help if I get busy and make up some of this "delicious" food for them.  Maybe you might like to try it too!

As you can see this recipe makes about ten large size blocks of suet.  It seems to keep nicely in the freezer and that way it stays fresh until needed.

It was such a beautiful weekend here in Tallahassee; so nice and mild with cool evenings....just wonderful!  I opened all the doors today and let the fresh-air breezes blow through.  I sure hope it was beautiful there wherever you are as well.

Wishing you a wonderful new week with many blessings.

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